How Camera Caper Game Adds Fun To Travel and Road Trips

Camera Camper Game

If you love to travel and take road trips, the Camera Caper game adds extra elements of fun!

Camera Caper is a destination and photography challenge game played during road trips. Each player takes two cards – a photo challenge, such as visiting an abandoned building or an old-fashioned Mom-and-Pop shop, and a move card. If the photo challenge is completed, points are won; if not, they are lost. After each challenge is completed, players can publicly share photos on social media: #cameracaper.

Camera Camper Game Photo Challenge Road Trip

Full-Time Adventure

Push yourself to go further on road trips, find new destinations, and take more amazing photos with the Camera Caper game. Camera Caper turns road trips into a new adventure with challenging travel ideas and the motivation to share experiences and ideas with others.

Social Media Sharing

Either on your own or with fellow traveling competitors, take a destination card and a photo card. If you make it to the destination and take a photo, the points are won and the photo(s) are shared through social media with other travelers playing the same game:

Everlasting Fun and Connections in Road Trips

Find more interest and meaning in road trips, and develop connections with fellow travelers as they share their travel experiences through social media, on Camera Caper forums, and the Camera Caper mobile application. You can play alone, or invite as many friends as you like. It’s perfect for fellow professionals, hobbyists, or family who just want to join in on the fun.

Why Camera Caper is Unique?

Camera Camper Game Challenge

Each time you play Camera Caper will be totally unique, sending you on an exciting new photography adventure every time! Camera Caper is guaranteed to bring a fresh, exciting adventure to your next photography road trip!

For road trip and photography enthusiasts who need an extra element of fun and risk in their travels, Camera Caper offers challenges through a card game played on the go. Each player picks two cards – a travel distance and location challenge and a photography challenge. If the location and photo challenges are met, the player wins the points and can share photos with other players through social media (#cameracaper) and on the Camera Caper mobile app.

Play while watching the photographer Dan and the producer Adam in the Camera Caper show, as they also fulfill Camera Caper challenges and teach their viewers how to take great photos.

Support the Camera Caper Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

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