Caucasian Shepherd Dog: History, Appearance, Behaviour & Health Risks

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The name of “Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Molasses” indicates that it belongs to the Caucasus Mountains. This breed originated from very old Molasses breeds. It is used by local protectors to protect their large groups of animals and thieves while traveling. Though people mostly have them in Caucasus areas they are also very famous in Russia. The nickname also calls them “Ovtcharka” means “sheepdog.” People know them because of their large size and protection abilities. As of now, shepherds do not use them for sheep guarding anymore; they still exist in breeding programs like in Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Appearance; How Do They Look?

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

While discussing them by appearance, they are strong, muscular, and calm dogs. The hair of mountain shepherds is usually very thick which is to protect them from the cold atmosphere. On another hand, the plain shepherd has shorter hair by which they seem taller. But those who have heavier hair look like they are stronger than the plain one in appearance.

They are mostly gray, brown pan, and white in color. By FCI, the brown color Shepherd is not allowed to breed.  In height, no maximum or minimum height is calculated or recorded for them. According to the estimates, the female mostly has a height between 64 to 68 centimeters. For males, it’s between 68 to 75 centimeters and weight between 60 to 100 kg.

Behavior; How Do They Behave?

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The shepherd of these species are very cooperative but sometimes shows aggressive behavior towards the person they don’t know. It can be controlled by proper training. At the age of 9 months, their ability of orderliness has already been formed. As a trainee, you should make them learn at the age of 8 to 9 months.

In the case of training, the schools are not good for shepherds as they did not tolerate other dogs. After early age, they are able to learn the hard skills or protection abilities for themselves and their trainers. However, it totally depends on the trainer to teach the shepherd that which condition is threatening. Tell them that all the humans are not dangerous for them. It fully depends on the trainee how to control the shepherd. Moreover, you also do your research to find the best dog trainer in your area that can handle your needs. But it’s always at the risk to put the shepherds with humans. They can lose their control, because of any kind of action act by humans or mostly children.

The Health Risks

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The thing which is the major problem of the “Caucasian Shepherd Dog’s” generation is the issue related to their health. Most of the generations of this lineage carry the gene which contains the little symptoms of dysplasia. It is increased with the increase of their generation and became a cause of major musculoskeletal, heart, and obesity problems in them.

One can only solve it by controlling their breeding, but the breeding in these species is increasing regularly. So, one can say that it has increased the risk too. Because of it, the average life of shepherds is 10 to 12 years due to lots of health problems.

To ensure good life and better health conditions for shepherds, you must make them active physically. Long run in the yards and good daily health routine suppresses the symptoms temporarily. It can increase the lifespan of your dog and make him live for a longer time.

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