Checking Your Coverage: 3 Types Of Dental Procedures Covered By Your Health Insurance

Dental health insurance
Types Of Dental Procedures Covered By Your Health Insurance

Dental health is a vital part of good health. Our mouths and teeth are just as important as having good blood pressure and maintaining a healthy weight.  In fact, many serious diseases can be prevented or at least caught and treated early with good dental care.

You may not have dental health insurance. But, there may be certain types of dental procedures covered by your health insurance. It is definitely worth checking in to and finding out what you may qualify for.

Let’s see what types of dental procedures may be covered by your health insurance.


The first type of dental procedure covered under the core plan of Manulife flexcare dental insurance Canada is endodontic services. This type of dental service refers to issues with your inner tooth and tissue. If you need a root canal, an endodontist will be the one to perform this type of procedure. An endodontist can also treat traumatic a tooth injury, with the goal being to save your natural teeth.

Additionally, an endodontist may perform microsurgeries for a few different reasons if warranted. They may perform surgery to remove calcium deposits or treat damaged root surfaces. These procedures are an important part of good dental health. You should not delay seeing an endodontist.

2. Periodontic

Another type of dental procedure that will be covered is periodontal services. If you need procedures to your gums or perhaps dental implants, a periodontist will be the dental professional you need to see. A periodontist will also treat gum disease and oral inflammation.  They can treat patients both surgically and non-surgically.

If you have severe gum disease it is imperative you make an appointment with a periodontist. They can perform scaling and root planning and also the removal of severely damaged root tissue in a debridement procedure.

3. Denture Services

Sometimes a patient needs denture services. Dentures are important for oral health. A set of dentures will replace missing teeth once the gums have healed. They are crafted to fit the user’s mouth. Wearing dentures will also help to maintain the shape of a patient’s cheeks, and jaw. They help maintain your natural appearance. Fitting dentures can be tricky and it needs to be done by a professional to ensure optimal fit.

Correctly fitting you for dentures will also ensure that you will not have trouble eating different types of food.  This allows you the confidence to be with friends and family in social situations.


Good dental health is crucial for maintaining overall health. You should see your dentist regularly. It is important to remember that your health insurance policy offers you some options for dental care.

There are 2 different levels of policy premiums. These offer you 2 different policy caps per year. You can select the policy that is right for you and your family.

Both policy levels provide the same 3 different dental procedures. You can have access to endodontic, periodontic and denture services. This ensures that you and your family will be covered and healthy.

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