The best destination from Kerala;To Choose

Are you excited to spend your vacations, this article might help you to choose the best destination from Kerala. Kerala offers a whole different world to its visitors. There is something for everyone in this state, especially for people seeking a respite from the city life.

Pristine hill stations and fishing towns are found all over the state and it is essential you know where to go depending on what you are looking forward from your trip. This article discusses the places to visit in Kerala based on their region.


The best destination from Kerala; Get the ultimate respite from boring city life:

A nice Friday night’s out after a busy and tiring week can provide great respite from a busy and tiring week. However, stretch that schedule over a few more weeks and even that turns to become a monotonous schedule and routine.

To get the ultimate respite from boring city life, head out and go on a vacation somewhere quiet and calm regardless of the number of days. Even a weekend away in a pristine hill station can provide great respite and have a lasting impact in calming down your thoughts and stress.

There are many pristine locations in south India, mainly in the state of Kerala. Kerala tour packages are most popular for honeymoons and weekend aways.

The land is blessed and pristine in every way. Kerala can be divided into 3 parts northern travancore, southern travancore and central travancore. Mentioned below are the places you can visit on the basis of this geographical divide.

The best destination from Kerala; Northern Travancore region

Of the many places covered under this region, the two standout holiday destinations are Munnar and Thekkady. Munnar is not just a popular hill station of this region but considered one of the best hill stations in India.

It’s beauty was praised since the time of the British rule who made this their summer resort. The influence of the British can be seen in the architectural influence of the cottages and guest houses found here. Munnar is also famous for its tea plantations.

Another enchanting place of this region, Thekkady is a place which showcases tranquil landscapes and serene ambience. Apart from its natural beauty, this place is also known for its tiger reserve which also serves as a haven for various other animal species, birds and aquatic life. The best time to visit this spot is the time from September to March..

Southern Travancore region

In this region, the standout locations are Kovalam and Kolam. Kovalam is a small village in this southern region popular for its beaches and scenic views. Inaddition to it, It is one of the oldest tourist spots in India where tourism was well active since the 1930s. It shot to fame around the 1970s when it became a hotspot for hippies from all over the world.

Similarly, Kollam is a popular port city. It has a diverse religious community with people from all religious backgrounds living in harmony. There are beautiful spice plantations in this port city and a small Chinatown market which is believed to be started by the Chinese who lived in this port city in the past.

A walk around the streets of the town will make you see the old colonial buildings scattered all over.

Central Travancore region

Of the places here, the standouts are Kochi (Cochin) and Nelliampathy. Kochi is one of the top cities of Kerala. It is a major port city and trading centre and is a unique place with various foreign influences. Also,it has a feel of a small fishing town and the people are very friendly.

There is a Jew street where in lies an active Jew synagogue. Furthermore, Kochi has historical trade ties with the Portuguese, Dutch, Arab, Japanese, and Chinese. Most of these civilizations left a strong influence in the lifestyle and architecture of Kochi.

However, a lesser known place in the mainstream tourist circle, Nelliyampathy is called as old man’s Ooty’. This place has an abundance of natural vegetation with sprawling spice and tea plantations. This hill station is perfect for a quiet relaxing getaway.

As it is still not as widely known as the other hill station in the region thus making the presence of other visitors significantly lesser. As you take a walk along the woods, you will discover various kinds of animals and birds, small streams, rocky hills and small waterfalls. This is the almost perfect getaway  for you.

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