Chrissy Metz’s Incredible Weight Loss Story | Lost 100 Pounds within 5 Months

Chrissy Metz's Incredible Weight Loss Story | Lost 100 Pounds within 5 Months

Christine Michelle Metz is an American singer and actress who is basically known for her role as “Kate Pearson” in the season “This is Us”. She was born in Homestead, Florida and spent her childhood with her mother, stepfather and four siblings in Gainesville. The series won the nomination for Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Her life is not only restricted to the serial but she appeared in some of the films too. The major reason she was praised and got famous for the role as Kate is because she considered it as her own life story.

Full NameChristine Michelle Metz
Father NameMark Metz
Mother NameDenise Hodge
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 1980
Zodiac SignLibra
Age40 years
Height5′ 3″ in feet and inches
Morgana Morriso, Rebecca Hodge, Philip Metz, Monica Metz, Abigail Hodge
Los Angeles, California, United States
OccupationActor, Comedian, Singer
SpouseMartyn Eaden
Current Marital StatusDivorced
Net Worth$8 Million


Metz recalls her childhood as living with her mother and stepfather in Florida. She describes her experiences that may be called as the base for her insecurity and frustration because of her weight. She describes that her step father didn’t really like the way she looked but kept staring at her while she ate. On the other hand, she says that her mother was caring and even starved herself so that the children could have enough food. She further describes that her father took the weighing scale and used to smash it on the kitchen floor saying, Get on the damn thing!
In her memoir, “This is me; Enjoy the person you are today” she says that food was the only happiness for much of her childhood.

Childhood of Chrissy Metz

Gaining Weight and Relationship of Food with Love

Chrissy has always been open about her journey and hurdles she faced; she describes the start of her weight gain with her childhood by saying that food meant “LOVE” for our family. She describes that there was not enough food for everyone so her mother starved herself to give her children enough food. She said that the children knew that their mum was giving up on food for them but when you are 9 or 10 you cannot do much about it, you are Devastated!!

Chrissy Mets Gained Weight

She also shared her experience of going to weight watchers when she was just 11, she further says that her mom wanted to figure things out but she had no idea that it’s a slow process. She describes the experience as awkward saying that she used to be the youngest one in the room.

Major Roles in Hollywood and Struggles Behind Them

Chrissy never planned or auditioned to become an actress, she gave an interview by accident as she was a high school teacher back then and went with her sister for her audition. There she met a woman who claimed to be her high school teacher and motivated her to audition for the role. That’s how her acting career started. She is best known for her role as Kate Pearson in the series “This is Us”. She is also known for her role in “American Horror Story: The Freak Show”. She also appeared in some of the American movies namely; “Sierra Burgess is a loser” in 2018 and “Breakthrough” in 2019.

Chrissy Metz Role in Breakthrough
After she move to Los Angeles from Florida, she landed on her first major role where she played “Ima” in “American Horror Story: The Freak Show”. The role required her to wear a fat suit and she describes it as an enlightening experience. She thought to herself that if she ever become that heavy and would not be able to walk around on my own and even get stuck in the door frame? She thought that this was not what she wanted for herself.

Weight Loss Journey

Chrissy was never motivated to lose weight on her own or make an effort about it. The main turning point in her life was the role as Kate Pearson where she had so many things in common with the character that she was doing that she thought to herself, “Kate fears are my fears”. These words resonated in her mind when she read the script that said, “I am afraid that the chair beneath me would break”.

She felt connected to the character in ways that only she could understand. The series starts with Kate realizing on her 36th birthday that she has no hope left in her life and her dreams can not come true now. Same was the case with Chrissy, she went to hospital on her 30th birthday as she had a panic attack. The doctors warned her that this is because of her weight and she needed to lose pounds.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey

Her weight loss journey started in 2014, the hospital visit proved to be a wake up call for her. It was written in her contract that she needed to lose weight for the character of Kate Pearson, she took it as silver lining. She took it as an opportunity to lose weight and to prove herself.

She faced many issues in her acting career too as she felt that her weight was affecting the types of roles she was cast for and turned to eating for comfort that resulted in more weight gain.

She was of the view that even my weight doesn’t define me, it is a big part of who I am. The role of Kate motivated her in ways that she was really excited about. She started her weight loss in 2014 and lost 100 pounds in less than 5 months. She started with a calorie diet and walked 20 minutes daily in the start.

Health was the Main Issue

Healthy Chrissy Metz

Health and happiness has been more important to Chrissy than losing weight and that is what she mainly focused upon. Being healthy is a mindful choice she makes for herself.

“She’s not selling out the big girls, and she’s not losing weight because she thinks that plus size, curvy bodies aren’t attractive – adding that they are awesome!!”

She says that she has struggled with her health for as long as she can remember. Even being a child, her friends would eat whatever they wanted to but even as a child she knew that if she did the same thing, she would gain weight. Throughout her journey, she stayed true to herself and went through tough times with courage.

Future Endeavours

She is going to be in the 6th season of “This is Us” alongside she is going to produce a movie named “George” on Netflix. She is also possibly writing a music album for her band.

Chrissy Metz; Before and After

Chrissy Metz; Before and After

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