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Top 4 Different Methods of Facial Hair Removal?

Different Methods to Remove Facial Hair

Facial hair removal is one of the most annoying factors for a woman mostly whereas for a man it is a part of their daily routine. Hair removal is also famous as; Epilation and Depletion. It’s a deliberate removal of hair from the human body and face.

Women and men both have visible hair on their body including head, eyebrows, arms, and legs. Men have more and thicker hairs on the face and abdomen. While some have back and chest hair too. However, women don’t have such visible hair on the face but still, they have to remove them to look beautiful.

There are many different methods of facial hair removal. Some methods are very expensive while some are affordable to some extent. There are some people who are disturbed by doing a shave and waxing, it provides them permanent peace.

What are the Different Methods of Facial Hair Removal?

Facial hair removal is one of the basic keys when it comes to beauty. Not even women, men also use different methods to get rid of their facial hair. As the beauty industry has emerged in recent years, new and new methods are always discovered to remove facial hair. Here’s are the top most widely used methods that are equally used by both genders.

1. Shaving

Face Hair Shaving

Usually, men use a method of “shaving” for facial hair removal; almost everyone is familiar with this method. Shaving usually works by cutting hair only to skin level. It is one of the oldest methods of removing face skin hair, however, it can be used at any part of the body. Shaving is painless as long as a person is careful not to cut or nick himself by using proper shaving oil, cream, and blades.

This method is more preferable for men also after shaving the facial hair grows back in one to three days.

2. Waxing

Waxing to Remove Face Hair

Waxing is among the most common methods of hair removal. It is a little bit painful option. Women use it to remove upper lips hair, forehead hairs, nose hairs, and cheek hair, in short, to clean the entire face from hair. Women embrace this method because it wipes out hair from the origins besides it also lasts longer.

In this method, you apply wax to the skin. Then sticks to it, and after few minutes you can rip it off with the cloth strip and sometimes with hand. If people rely on waxing, with the passage of time they may get habituated and it will become less painful.

3. Laser Treatment

Face Hair Removal Laser Treatment

One of the most expensive yet most effective methods of hair removal is the “Laser Treatment Method”. It is one of the long-term options that involves destroying the roots with the light. This method can be permanent. But sometimes for those who have heavy hair growth in a small time span, the laser makes it finer and lighter for them.

People who are usually fair in complexion and have dark hairs, go for laser. If any person is planning to go for laser, he/she may limit waxing and plucking for about 6 – 7 weeks formerly. Because it directly overcomes the roots of the hair. A person who wants to have laser treatment should avoid sunbath after and before one or two weeks of treatment.

4. Electrolysis

Electrolysis For Face Hair Removal

Nowadays people are less familiar with the process known as “Electrolysis” for facial hair removal. It is an FDA-approved form of permanent hair removal. It helps by destroying the root of hair through an electric current at the follicle. Electrolysis can work for any type, especially for those for whom the laser didn’t work.

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