Does Vaping Make You Gain Weight? (Truth Exposed)

Does Vaping Make You Gain Weight
Does Vaping Make You Gain Weight

Although vaping is not something that is related to weight gain, it should not opt as a way to lose weight as well. If you are new to ‘vaping,’ let us tell you what vaping is and why it is famous as an addiction.

What is Vaping?

a man vaping
a man vaping

Vaping is basically the action of inhaling nicotine-based vapors with the help of specialized vaping devices. For chain smokers, vaping is an effective alternative to cigarettes as it is less harmful and does not involve directly inhaling toxic chemicals.

But it does not make vaping a safe practice at all!

Continuous vaping sessions with friends make it a lifelong addiction that brings with it severe consequences such as:

  • Impacting brain functionality
  • Lack of concentration and attention
  • Low energy levels
  • Increased heart rate
  • Blood pressure

Vaping liquid flavors such as strawberry, the sweet lemon can be addictive. Still, it raises a very valid question, i.e., does vaping result in weight gain? Or is there any evidence of weight loss with vaping?

Keep reading to know the vaping effects on weight.

Will Vaping Make You Gain Weight?

No, vaping is not directly associated with weight gain. The composition of e-liquid contains vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, and both of these ingredients are not involved in the weight gain process.

The calorie intake acquired from these components is merely 4 calories per gram which are almost negligible.

Most of the vapers ask why they feel hungry most of the time. Well, this is an admitted fact that when a person cuts off his smoking addiction, he feels more attracted to food and snacks. This is because when a person consumes nicotine as a cigarette, it reduces appetite while boosting metabolism.

Nicotine is said to be a great appetite suppressant, so when a person smokes, the consumed nicotine is the reason behind his leanness.

However, when a person starts quitting smoking, nicotine consumption is reduced, making him feel hungry most of the time. Vaping is an effective solution for smokers desperately looking for alternatives. The sweet e-liquids that are consumed through vaping are assumed to be weight-gaining.

However, let us break it down that sweet vape flavors in e-liquids are not made from sugar. Instead, these flavors are extracted from artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners are sweeter than sugar. According to FDA, sucralose, an artificial sweetener, is 600 times sweeter than refined white sugar. Still, surprisingly, it does not have a considerable weight-gaining composition.

So, now it is obvious that e-liquids consumed in small amounts while vaping are not related to weight gain.

Does Vaping Cause Weight Loss?

a girl vaping and weight loss
a girl vaping and weight loss

Vaping is not a natural solution to losing weight as it only suppresses appetite for a short period. Like smoking, e-cigarettes contain a certain amount of nicotine. As nicotine greatly helps reduce appetite, you will feel fuller while vaping. Nicotine also helps boost the metabolism rate, which is why the calories are burnt much faster.

Within this time, you might be deprived of various essential nutrients only because your gut feels fuller due to all the substances passed to it through vaping. So, if you’re considering adopting vaping as a healthy way to lose weight, remember that this is neither natural nor a long-term solution.

It is worth mentioning that vaping does not result in weight loss in non-smokers and is only effective for those chain smokers who are looking to quit smoking while alternating cigarettes with vaping.

Does Vaping Cause Belly Fat?

a man holding his belly fat
a man holding his belly fat

Vaping has no direct association with fat accumulation in the body. Vaping accelerates the metabolism that helps burn calories at a high rate. If you feel that you have gained a little belly weight due to vaping, it might be because the air gets stored inside the body. It is not called belly fat, but bloating when you start vaping.


Smoking is highly detrimental to health due to the toxic substances it contains. For those who are addicted to smoking, it is difficult to quit it.

However, with vaping, it has become easier to find alternatives to smoking. While a person intakes e-cigarettes, there are lesser chances of blood contamination with toxic substances.

For some, vaping causes weight reduction. However, the weight loss is minor and for the shorter term. This is not a natural solution to weight loss, leading to various health issues if opted for longer.

Quitting vaping is as important as quitting smoking because besides being a great alternative to smoking, its addiction is still not favorable to human health and fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is vaping related to bloating?

When a person vapes too much, the excess gas gets stored inside his body. This gas makes the person feel bloated, and he looks a bit bulkier than before.

Does nicotine make you gain weight?

Nicotine is a popular appetite suppressant and does not make you gain weight. It boosts the metabolism and helps the body burn calories at a much faster rate than usual.

What are the primary components of e-liquids?

Most e-liquids comprise vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).

What are vaping devices called?

Vaping devices are commonly known as electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and electronic vaporizers.

Does vaping cause hair loss?

Vaping has shown some evidence of hair loss; however, the loss is not drastic. Vaping shrinks the blood vessels, resulting in a limited blood supply to the scalp. It causes improper blood circulation that leads to hair loss.

List some of the popular vape juices.

Fruit-flavored vape juices are the most popular, and some of these are strawberry, lemon, kiwi, peach, and lychee.

How many calories do e-liquids contain?

E-liquids contain roughly 4-5 calories per ml of fluid.


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