Nurse Practitioner; Duties and Responsibilities

In the health care industry, one of the most important professions is a nurse practitioner. A Nurse Practitioner is an individual who went on to receive a graduate level education to become a practitioner but was once a Registered Nurse.


The women and men who endeavor into this career will be joining a profession that has been around for over 60 years now.

To be able to provide preventive and acute health care services to individuals of any age, these NRs have been prepped through advanced clinical training and advanced education. Because of all this advanced training they are able to treat and diagnose illnesses.

Nurse Practitioner; The Most Challenging Career:

One of the most challenging careers around the world is the job of a nurse practitioner which is consider to be unique. They not only do the job of a conventional nurse but also refer tests; give introductory treatment to the patients and prescribe medicines.

If the doctor is absent for a while, they help the healthcare institutions and hospitals to keep running; which has made their position so significant in the arena of health care.

In terms of distribution of responsibility and duty to ensure that no conflict occurs between them and the physicians, they need to obey some code of conduct and strict rules. According to Gloria Pedruco, when needed; they should be efficient in their work and need to work under the observation of the doctors.

To save the life of the patient you need to perform more critical duties if you are an emergency nurse practitioner as you need to instantly take decisions and you have to be very precise about your choice as it is a case of life and death of the patient.

At the post-operative stage, nurse practitioners have a great role to play. Without the supervision of the physicians; they have to take care of the patients at the later phase of the treatment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

To evaluate and observe the condition of the patients nurses are given training on using the modern medical devices; to take care of the overall health condition of the patients.

However, The healthcare sector in the hospitals has been greatly benefited; by the use of the latest technology. To operate the latest technological devices of the medical sector, they are given training to deal with the emergency patients.

Gloria Pedruco who is a practiced nurse practitioner; claims that you should be qualified for the position to work as a nurse practitioner. You cannot take any risk as you will have to deal with human lives. It is usually enough to have a Bachelor degree as a nurse practitioner.

Many health institutes offer this course which lasts for four years. You will find it easier to get your first job; as having a Master degree in this field will prove to be an advantage. To work as a simple or online msn nurse practitioner you need to have a license.

For availing a license in different states of the country, the eligibility criteria may vary. However to work as a nurse, most hospitals do not require any license; and without having a certificate, you can work as a nurse.

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