Effectiveness of laser hair removal

When it comes to laser hair removal, there’s no alternative that’s as effective, except, maybe electrolysis. But laser hair removal is easily available to people and there are well trained, certified technicians to carry out the procedure. The procedure lasts anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour and may be spread across 6 to 8 sessions. The results vary, because it depends on skin tone but for the most part, it works to give you permanent results.

How effective is laser hair removal is the question that’s most on people’s mind?

Its effectiveness depends a lot on what you’ve done before the laser hair removal session. You need to not have plucked, waxed or removed your hair for at least 6 weeks before the treatment. Over 90% of people who have undergone laser hair removal have seen permanent solutions within eight sessions, sometimes even fewer.

There are a lot of laser hair removal devices in the market which give you the feeling that you can administer the laser hair removal all by yourself. Please don’t try this approach. You need to go to a reputed, certified name like London Premier Laser to ensure results without hurting yourself. Self-administration can also mean that you apply unnecessary energy to a hair point, resulting in scarring or worse. For laser hair removal to be effective, do take the time and effort to go to someone who knows what they are doing and have the right people for it too.

Let’s also be clear on the role that skin tone plays in the process. The darker the hair, the more energy pulses needed and more number of sessions. This process is also more painful than the general feeling that people describe as a flick of a rubber band against the skin. Laser is also hot, obviously and that can be deeply uncomfortable. Darker skin tone may also make laser hair removal less effective. This is something no one can help, the color of your skin, but it is something to consider before you decide to go in for the treatment. The rule is, the darker and coarser the hair, the more effective the treatment.

Sometimes, after a treatment session, the skin could look sore or reddish. Some cooling gel helps sort this out. In fact, reddishness means that the treatment is most probably working. But if it’s combined with pain and discomfort, you must check with your doctor.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal is also based on who is doing the treatment for you. A wrong setting or a wrong laser can have negative effects. If the technician does not use a laser at an appropriate wavelength, then there can even be increased hair growth on the face. So it’s extremely important to go to someone who knows what they are doing.

Laser treatment is by far the most effective and long lasting hair removal technique. It is not fool-proof, and effects vary from person to person. Please make sure that you go to a registered technician, group, doctor or aesthetician and follow the post and pre-care protocols for smooth skin.

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