Electric Staple Gun is Better for Home Use

Electric Staple Gun for home
Electric vs Pneumatic Staple Gun: Which is Better for Home Use?

First of all, There is no doubt that for home use electric staple gun is highly versatile and useful nails that every serious Dyer or professional should have around; as they will come in handy for different products. But, choosing the right on for your specific situation is also vital.

Staple guns will typically shoot the 16, 18, or 20-gauge staples that come in a wide variety of lengths depending on the application.

Moreover, The nail guns are often used to drive; these heavy metal staples into wood, masonry, plastic, and other materials.

And they can be used for different projects; from upholstery to hobbies and crafts.

further, when you have to choose a good model, the choice often boils down to either going for the electric or pneumatic staple gun. Each of the two types has its pros and cons that should guide your choice.

Electric Staple Gun

As their name suggests the electric staple guns will require electricity to work. These nail guns can either be powered by plugging it into your power outlet or with a battery, which in most instances is a lithium-ion battery.

Electric staple guns offer more portability as they are typically smaller and less complicated than the pneumatic ones.

Also, these nail guns will not require a compressor to function, meaning you can use them from almost anywhere provided you have a power outlet or the battery is charged.

Staple Gun Home Gear

This smaller size also makes these nailers easier to handle, and you can use them for extended periods with minimal hand fatigue.

And when you are dealing with thinner and more delicate materials, there will be less risk of damaging the pieces as these nail guns do not operate with sheer force.

There are also fewer safety risks when using electric staple guns as there is no compressed air to worry about, and they will also be relatively quieter.

But, the level of noise depends on the specific model you have. You can read more on this and choose a quiet electric staple gun from HomeGearX.

Overall electric staple guns tend to be more affordable to buy and operate when compared to the pneumatic types, and this is regardless of whether you go for cordless or corded models.

However, it is important to note that for the corded electric staple gun models, you can still expect a higher electricity bill depending on how often you use it.

For the drawbacks, the electric staple guns will not be as powerful as the pneumatic staple guns, and can hence not drive the staples very deep into hard materials.

Also, the cord can be annoying to deal with, and the length will limit your reach, while cordless models have limited run times.

Pros and Cons Of Electric staple Gun


  • Often more portable
  • More affordable top buy and operate
  • Smaller and easier to handle
  • Gentle on thinner and more delicate material
  • Fewer safety risks


  • Relatively less powerful
  • Cords can be annoying to deal with
  • Battery-powered models have limited runtime

Pneumatic Staple Gun

Firstly.Pneumatic stable guns will be powered by an air compressor, which means that besides getting the staple gun; you will also need to have a good air compressor to be able to use this gun. That said, these are the most powerful staple nail gun option.

With the massive power supplied by the air compressor, these staple nail gins will sink the staples deep into the work piece even when dealing with harder materials like masonry.

When using a pneumatic staple gun you can always be confident of getting greater hold power.

Electric vs Pneumatic Staple Gun


Unlike the electric staple guns, the pneumatic ones will not be restricted to nailing thin and soft material as they can handle everything from hardwood to heavy-gauge plastic.

What this means is that these nails will be more versatile as they can handle a wider variety of materials.

These pneumatic nails are considered the most appropriate for heavy-duty applications and are the preferred option for professional contractors.

And because most are often built to be rugged for heavy usage, they will be generally more durable than the electric type.

However, given the need for an air compressor, these nail guns tend to be more expensive to operate and will be harder to carry around, which limits their portability.

Last but not the least, when compared to electric nail guns, they are louder and pose more safety risks.


  • More powerful
  • Deeper staple sinking
  • Handles tougher materials
  • Rugged and durable


  • Pricier to operate
  • Less portable
  • More safety concerns

Which is Better for Home User?

The choice between the electric and pneumatic staple guns will always boil down to the specific projects; that you will be using the tool to accomplish. Hence, no one type between the two will be universally good for everyone.

That said, the electric staple guns tend to be more ideal for home use; given that most of the projects done at home are light-duty; and will not require a massive driving force.

Also, the ease of handling and portability means these nail guns will give home users an easier time.

However, professional contractors and even DIYers or hobbyists that deal with tough materials; and require a reliable tool that can handle heavy usage; a pneumatic staple gun can still be highly useful to have around.

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