Exciting Facts You Need to Know About Low Shedding Dogs

Dogs shed their old or unwanted hair, and it is a natural process. Some are low shedding dogs and some shed more. This shedding can also be season-specific. For example, some dogs develop a layer of fur around their skin in winters to stay warm. This layer of fur sheds in spring. Dog-owners can also control this shedding using many techniques, like keeping them inside in the winters.

Low Shedding Dogs That Don’t Smell

Poodles are the dogs that don’t smell or shed. They are hairy, but they rarely shed. Many other features make them a perfect choice to buy. These include the variety of sizes they come in.

These dogs are known to be the least stinky, a feature not common among dogs. Whippets have very little hair on them and hence are low shedding dogs but they don’t smell at all. It is a plus they have.

The Bichon Frise is also hairy, but like poodles, they shed nothing. The reason for this is the presence of a thick coat that prevents dandruff, hair loss, and other allergies. These are also the least smelly breed and hence are ideal as a pet.

Shedding varies in different breeds and depends upon various factors. So when buying a dog, people must know how much hair does it shed and whether it can be controlled.

Shedding varies in breeds

Shedding of fur and coat hair is different in all the breeds and depends on many factors. Some dogs shed seasonally, some do it yearly, and others regularly. One of the major factors that impact shedding is the type of coat your dog has.

Dogs and puppies with thicker coats do not shed regularly. They do it every year. Colloquially, seasonally-shedding dogs are the messiest in spring and fall. This is because in fall, they prepare for winters and their coats change. In spring, they shed the extra-hair they developed for winters and prepared for the summer season.

Low Shedding Dog Breads:

Dogs vary in many traits, and diversity is magnanimous. One of these traits is shedding. Many breeds have medium shedding dogs, which are quite ordinary and common.

Dogs that shed the least and most are quite peculiar because they are also special in other traits. If shedding is considered, the Tibetan terrier dogs are the dogs that shed the least. They have little to no hair, but are not hypoallergenic and require a lot of grooming. Maltese terrier, which is linked with the Tibetan terriers, have white soft-like-silk coats.

Although they have coats, they don’t shed much as compared to other dogs and are cute, playful, and loving.

Brussels griffon is hypoallergenic, and they don’t shed much. Many owners notice that they hardly shed in their lifetime. These traits make them people’s choice breeds.

What is the cleanest dog breed?

Many breeds can be listed for low shedding dogs, including the Basenji and Japanese chin breeds. However, the cleanest breed concerning hair and training is the American Hairless Terrier. This breed has no hair and hence no shedding.

As it is devoid of hair, its skin is sensitive and needs extra care, which is why they are not the best to buy. Along with it, Bedlington Terriers are considered the lowest shedding dogs and the cleanest.

They are easy to train and are soft, like stuffed toys. The best thing about them is that they are the lowest shedding dogs, some may consider them as non-shedding. They are agile and quick learners. Along with shedding, they are low-dander and can be maintained easily.

Chow chows are also considered low shedding dogs and don’t smell much as compared to other breeds. It must be noted that these dogs shed more at specific times of the year, so their maintenance is important and crucial. Poodles and Border terriers are also the cleanest breeds when shedding is concerned.

Do hounds shed a lot?

Hounds are hunting dogs that have fur or hair. The difference in shedding has to do a lot with having fur instead of hair. Dogs with hair don’t shed much as compared to dogs with fur. This is because dogs with hair don’t have to replenish their coat for new hair. Therefore, shedding of hounds varies within breeds.

Labrador retrievers are the dogs that shed the most. This is because they have fur and not hair. It sheds off its coat twice in the year, but the hair fall is consistent regularly.

On the contrary, pudel-pointer, German wirehaired pointer, and wirehaired pointing griffons are low shedding hunting dogs.  These have hair instead of fur, and they don’t shed a lot of it. For example, they may shed 3-4 hair per day. This largely depends on their grooming and how well they are managed and kept.

Why do dogs shed excessively?

People need to apprehend the fact that shedding is normal for dogs. They shed because of the same reasons humans do. However, stress (biotic or abiotic), poor grooming and nutrition, and medical concerns can be the reasons for shedding. These include allergies, infections (bacterial or fungal), and parasites (lice or fleas).

Other abiotic stresses include cancer, sunburns, self-induced stress due to excessive licking, and certain diseases and genetic predispositions. You must check for such medical issues before buying a dog.

How to keep the house clean?

Even though you own low shedding dogs, cleaning is a must. That is because, practically, no dog breed is shedding-free, and more or less, you have to deal with it. Many remedies and approaches can be used to keep the dog-house and your house clean. On top of such remedies is vacuuming.

If you have carpets or rugs, you must vacuum daily. Vacuuming can make your couches, beds, and carpets hair-free.

Proper grooming and management of the dogs can also help with shedding, like providing them quality food with increased olive oil and molasses. Brushing and bathing your dog regularly and using an air purifier also prevents excessive shedding and aids in cleaning.

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