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Famous People Who Have Battled with Depression

Famous People Who Have Battled with Depression

When people get diagnosed with depression, one of the first things they usually do is put blame on the outside world and the living circumstances he or she is in, claiming that things would be better if they were just a bit more, for example, financially stable. While I cannot argue with the fact that the outside world does have an influence on this disorder, I do have to say that the idea of success and money treating it is entirely wrong. After all, if it were like that, then you would never see depressed famous people, and yet we are definitely seeing a lot of them.

If you were convinced that famous people who seemingly have it all cannot actually be anxious or depressed, then you were utterly wrong. Depression is a disorder that can affect basically anyone, regardless of their age or their social status. By raising awareness regarding this, we could perhaps encourage more people to seek help when they find themselves battling with depressing feelings and getting no necessary support.

Sure, you could now say that the famous people still have it easier, as they have the money that’s necessary for the treatment, but that’s not quite true either. Fact is, the treatment doesn’t cost too much and practically everyone can afford it. Plus, health should always come first, which is why you shouldn’t be thinking about money too much when trying to do something good for your mental wellbeing.

In any case, the point is that depression can affect basically everyone, even celebrities. If you are not interested in hearing more about those famous people that have gone through the battle with depression, then I would advise you to keep reading, because I’ve prepared a list below. As mentioned earlier, this could shed some more light on this issue and raise people’s awareness about it, while also encouraging them to get help if they believe they need it. So, let’s have a look at the list that I’ve prepared.

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Kristen Bell


When Kristen Bell is mentioned, you probably think of one of the many roles that have shaped her career and made her a great actor. Whether you have enjoyed her performance in The Good Place or you are fonder of some of her other acting achievements, one thing is for sure. You probably haven’t thought too much about her mental health, meaning that you were completely unaware of her struggles with anxiety and depression.

In an interview, Bell has revealed that she has long been taking medications for her depression, as well as that her mother and her grandmother have suffered from the same hormonal misbalance that has caused the development of this disorder. She states that people are wrongfully shamed for taking medications that influence their serotonin levels, indicating that we should all think about our own attitudes towards those medications. In her words, “you would never deny a diabetic his insulin”, meaning that people taking medications for depression should not be stigmatized, or ashamed.

Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey’s battle with depression is long known by now. That is, of course, unless you’ve been living somewhere without the Internet and without any contact with the outside world. His story has been discussed a lot, although it did come as a shock at first. After all, we all remember him as one of the funniest people, and then he goes on to state on record that he has been struggling with this disorder for most of his adult life and that he is, too, taking medications.

Carrey decided at some point that he needed to get off the medications and battle the disorder in a different way. That led to him changing certain habits in his lifestyle, as well as relying on mental health supplements, while also telling himself each and every day that “life is good” and that he needed to get out of bed. Of course, doing that has been difficult, but it definitely led to an improvement in his mental wellbeing.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

If you don’t know what depression actually is, which is explained here, then I advise you to just take a quick look at Johnny Depp when he is having an interview or when he is doing anything else but acting. His facial expressions coupled with his posture and some other signs clearly show that he has a severe case of anxiety that can lead to a depressed state from time to time. Once again, here you have a celebrity who is not ashamed to take the necessary steps towards taking care of his mental health, which is why Johnny Depp actually has constant access to his therapists, even when he is on film sets. That helps him battle the disorder much better and thus become the best version of himself.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

When you think of Captain America, you probably think of a fearless man that can make the best out of any situation. While the Captain America character can be like that, the actor portraying the character, i.e. Chris Evans, has a different story to tell. This actor is struggling with anxiety and depression so much so that the 30-minute red carpet walk feels like “walking on hot coals”, to use his own words. He is also not afraid of sharing his struggles, which can definitely lead to encouraging people to talk about their particular issues and, most importantly, get the help that they need.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has been successful ever since she first starred in Disney’s accomplishment called The Princess Diaries. And yet, her path hasn’t been without struggles either and Ann has revealed that herself, talking about the years preceding her big break – years that were painted with colors of depression and anxiety. Anne states that she has been able to battle the disorder without the use of medication, but what you should learn from her experience is that things can get better and that you need to find the thing that will help you battle your depression and come out as the winner.

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