First World Problems: 7 Challenges Rich People Have That No One Seems to Be Talking About

First World Problems: 7 Challenges Rich People Have That No One Seems to Be Talking About
First World Problems: 7 Challenges Rich People Have That No One Seems to Be Talking About

Money makes life easier or so many people believe. However, wealth comes with its own challenges that many people simply don’t see. What are some of the challenges rich people face that most people overlook? How can these challenges be overcome?

A Lack of Accessible Cash

Rich people often feel pressured to live up to the expectations of others. For instance, a millionaire wouldn’t drive a Ford Focus or would he? Those lacking wealth often assume a millionaire lives in a fancy home, drives an exotic car and travels the world on a regular basis. As the wealthy individual tries to live up to these expectations, he or she might become cash poor.

Accessible Cash

While the funds are available, they are tied up in assets. Don’t allow this to happen. Don’t hesitate to sell your luxury automobile and buy something more affordable. It’s your life and money so spend it how you choose, not what someone else believes should be done with the funds.

Choosing Friends

It can be difficult to know which friends are true and who simply wants to benefit from your wealth. Men have been talking about this problem for years now, but women might find a male-only wants to get to know them because they have a trust fund.

It’s better to be suspicious of people until you truly get to know them, especially if there is a large disparity in the bank accounts. Don’t answer questions about finances or share information about personal problems.

Choosing right Friends

Although it can be difficult to keep things private when getting to know someone new, as they want information about the people they spend time with also, try to keep things at a surface level until they have proven they are trustworthy.

Rich People Have Problems

People often assume those who are wealthy don’t have any problems. Nothing is further from the truth. A millionaire could suffer from depression, be in a loveless marriage, or have a child who is following the wrong path.

Every person must recognize that nobody’s life is perfect. A rich person may also be trying to live up to their parents’ expectations even when they don’t match their own. When making assumptions about others, be sure to take into account that nobody’s life is perfect and give every person some grace if they don’t behave in an expected way.

Men and women who do so often find others are willing to provide them with the same courtesy.

Ungrateful Children

When a child grows up surrounded by wealth, he or she might believe that this wealth comes naturally. The hard work that came with amassing a fortune is often overlooked by children because they don’t know any other way of life.

ungrateful children

While children shouldn’t be forced to suffer needlessly, parents need to find a way to emphasize the importance of hard work regardless of what they have in terms of wealth. One can never predict the future and wealth can be lost overnight. Children need to be prepared for any eventuality as a result. Start young by giving the child basic chores.

A great way to do so is to have the child make his or her bed every morning rather than leaving it for the live-in housekeeper. Small tasks such as this teach the child about hard work and why certain tasks are essential regardless of one’s wealth.

A Lack of Time

People who own a business or those who have a demanding job working for someone else might find they lack time to spend with the family. Make family time a priority by learning how to better manage the hours in a day. Furthermore, bring in additional help when needed. Family time and personal time are necessary for a person to remain healthy and happy, and this one thing should never be pushed to the side. Even Barack Obama took time off during his presidency to coach his girls in basketball.

Every person needs to do the same even when they aren’t the leader of the free world, as very few jobs are as important as that one. Each person should treat their free time the way the president did, as a top priority.

Unfair Criticism

Some men and women are jealous of those who are successful. As a result, they like to spread misinformation about these individuals to make them look bad. The best way to handle unfair criticism is to simply ignore it whenever possible.

However, if there is any truth to the criticism, a person needs to consider what changes need to be made to prevent similar accusations. It may be difficult to distinguish between the two so don’t hesitate to ask trusted advisors how they feel about a particular situation and which course of action will be best. Once this has been determined, the proper steps can be taken to weather the storm with the least disruption possible.


A person who is rich has money to spare, right? People lacking similar funds often make this assumption and file lawsuits to try to obtain some of this wealth. While some lawsuits are legitimate and the responsible party can and should be held accountable, many are frivolous.

Every person with money should have a good relationship with an attorney to handle these matters as soon as they arise. By doing so and making it known that frivolous suits will be challenged at every stage, a person can reduce their risk of being sued when there is no basis for the suit.

In those cases where the person’s claim is legitimate, the attorney will be happy to point this out and try to work out a settlement that is fair to both parties. Simply because a person is rich does not mean he or she has no responsibility to others.

While having money often does make life easier, it comes with unique challenges. Every person should be treated as a human first and foremost. When people of every social class come to this realization the world becomes a better place for all.

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