From Fact To Fable: Do You Fancy Yourself As A Mattress Expert?

Facts and Myths about mattresses

You have been sleeping on a mattress for all your life, so by now, you might consider yourself at least somewhat of an expert on the topic. Here’s the thing – technology is advancing, times are changing, and what you think you know about mattresses might all be myths. Outdated information and branding also play a crucial role in creating all these myths.

Studies now show that the design of your mattress has a serious impact on your sleep – and that every person has unique needs when it comes to the mattress they sleep on. If your mattress does not align your spine, you will likely get up feeling tired and painful. 

Today, we are not showing you how to pick the right mattress. Instead, we will be taking a look at a few common myths that a lot of people believe – and we will take a look at what the correct facts are. 

6 Common Mattress Myths Debunked

There are quite a few myths that people tend to believe when they are discussing mattresses in general. We will share 6 common myths below. We will also debunk them – considering the truths behind each of the myths that we look at. 

1. You Will Get A Great Night’s Sleep From The First Time You Get Onto Your New Mattress

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they buy a new mattress is to believe that they are going to get a great night’s sleep – from the very first time they use the product. This is not true. 

Girl sleeping peacefully on mattress
Girl sleeping peacefully on the mattress

A new mattress tends to be rather firm. You will not get the full experience that the mattress offers the first night. In fact, it generally takes a few nights before the mattress reaches its ideal firmness and gives you the true experience that it was made to offer. The heat from your body will help your mattress soften and reach the right firmness level faster – so try to bear with this and sleep on it from day one. 

2. Your Mattress Will Last For About Two Decades

Another common myth is that a mattress can last for up to two decades – and sometimes even more. A lot of people make a big investment in a mattress, mainly because they think they will be sleeping on the same mattress for 20 years or more. 

long lasting mattress
long-lasting mattress

Sure, you can continue to sleep on your mattress at that two-decade mark, but it is definitely not something that your body will appreciate. 

According to the SleepStandards, you should try to avoid sleeping on the same mattress for a period of seven years or longer. At this time, mattresses tend to start sagging. Sometimes, you can take advantage of a warranty offered by the company you bought the mattress from. Regardless, consider buying a new mattress every seven years to ensure you continue to get quality sleep. 

3. You Get The Full Experience When Buying A Mattress From A Local Brick and Mortar Store

A lot of people think that buying a mattress from a local brick and mortar store is the best way to do this. You get an opportunity to lay down on the mattress and experience it for yourself.

Couple buying mattress from local store
Couple buying mattress from a local store

Sure, this is a benefit, but you are not getting the full experience. To really feel how a mattress will help you, you need to sleep on it for a couple of nights. This is why online options are good, too, especially if they come with a trial offer. You can have sleep on the mattress for a reasonable time to make your decision whether you would like to sleep on it for the coming years or not. 

4. More Money Means More Quality

Girl sleeping on high quality mattress
Girl sleeping on a high-quality mattress

Most people think that the more money you spend on a mattress, the better the quality of the mattress will be. It is true that a very cheap mattress is not likely to last long or give you enough support – but, at the same time, there is no guarantee that the higher you spend, the higher the quality will be. You can always find a quality mattress at a reasonable price if you invest in research and comparing different options.

5. All Latex Mattresses Are Natural Products

Latex mattresses are popular and often promoted as natural products. The problem is, not all latex mattresses are really natural. There are many companies that use synthetic latex instead. Always check the fine print before buying a latex mattress. 

White Latex mattress
White Latex mattress

6. Name Brand Mattress are High-Quality

Yes, it’s widely believed that popular and reputed brand mattresses are always high-quality and should be your first priority whenever you hunt for a mattress, however, it’s not always true. The truth is a local mattress company that is not so popular can also create high-quality mattresses that give you the ultimate sleeping experience. Moreover, brands are also less transparent when it comes to the specifications, which means you can’t compare properly. To overcome this, you should always read customer reviews and see what people have to say about that specific mattress that you’re hoping to buy.

Final Thoughts

A mattress is one of the most essential sleep accessories in your room. If you buy the right mattress, you ultimately get a better night’s sleep. There are quite a few myths that people tend to believe about mattresses that need to be correct. We shared 6 of the most common myths – and the truths behind them. 


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