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Fulfill Your Desire for a Flat Stomach

So how many times do we hear it? I just want a flat stomach. I just want abs. Well let’s look a bit closer at how we can do this.

First Fact You don’t get abs by simply doing sit ups or by overtraining. Infact overtraining can make you stressed out! But you all know that right?

Second Fact  If you don’t have the right nutrition plan in place it’s going to be a long time before them lines start to show and you need to have a guide to nutrients. We have probably all heard the “Abs are made in the kitchen” line. Well that’s partly true but you have to work for it. (Unless you’re a genetically gifted freak)

Third and fact If you have a solid diet plan (No this doesn’t mean hating every carbohydrate on the planet) A solid training plan (Not just sit ups but a bit of cardio too) then them abs will be coming out quicker than you think. Most of people think about nutrisystem diet.


We all have abs that’s a fact it’s just that a lot of us have a layer(s) of fat covering them (keeping them snug maybe?…Maybe not).

It’s Not Just Doing Sit Ups

So as the first fact states it’s not just about doing sit ups. Yes sit ups help strengthen the so called 6 pack but most neglect the core as a whole and trans abs (Deep laying abdominal muscles) these are really important for pulling it all in and keeping the midsection tight. Are they hard to train? Well nothing worth having ever came easy. You will find that the more you train your abs (including trans abs) then it will get easier. There are multiple useful exercises for smaller waist as well, only if you are willing to invest time and effort.

Nutrition Plan is Important

So we have the first part down and now we move on to the second  fact. If you want to eat McDonald’s or a tub of Ben & Jerry’s everyday then you can pretty much say goodbye to any chance of having that flat toned mid-section. You can still eat food you like but make conscious well thought out changes to your diet. Even, you can incorporate natural healthy food for weight loss purpose too. I speak from experience as I love food so I had to do this.

You can’t be afraid to eat. Lots of people cut out carbs and yeah some get results but as soon as we reintroduce them its bye bye abs hello Mr fluffy!

Diet Plan Helps and Cardio

Get the diet on point for flat stomach from day 1 and introduce some steady state cardio each morning preferably (Fasted) and again it will happen quicker than you think. Our goal is to create or develop your body into a fat burning environment so that the layer(s) of fat disappear and them rock hard abs will shine through right? Well maybe but all this just won’t work without hard work and dedication. You have to commit to the cause and keep that goal in mind. Remember fat won’t just come off your mid-section it will come off all over your body. (You can’t spot reduce fat – as such)


So if you take all the above into consideration and apply it to your approach then it won’t be long before your giving that t shirt a sneaky lift to show off your hard work. If you need any help with diet or training plans without equipments or with equipments then we currently provide 1 on 1 personal training in Oldham at Lifestyle Fitness Center.

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