The Ultimate Guide to Wooden Flowers for Weddings

Guide to Wooden Flowers for wedding

Weddings are the most expected events in couples’ lives. Everyone plans until the last detail and wants to have the most beautiful venue, decorations, flowers, delicious foods, attire, and color combinations that match the theme, music, and drinks. What is also true is that weddings are expensive and somewhat stressful. Couples plan even with one or two years ahead to make sure everything turns out perfect. What happens when the budget is exceeded? You might want to know how you can cut costs. Wooden flowers for weddings might be the ideal solution.

You can pair them with dried botanicals and obtain the most beautiful designs. The beauty of sola flowers is their level of customization. You can achieve so much with them: combine the blooms, create bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, wreaths, and much more. Regardless of your adopted wedding theme, you can bring it to life with these blossoms. There is no need to worry about availability, costs, seasonality, or color combinations. Everything is possible.

Why Couples Prefer Wooden Flowers for WeddingsWooden Flowers for Weddings

There are many reasons why couples prefer wooden flowers for weddings. Some resonate with you, and if you are planning your future wedding, you should consider them. Nowadays, you can shop online for the blooms, buy them in bulk, and save money. You can choose between the most intricate designs, depending on the arrangements you have in mind. For instance, you will find popular blossoms, such as roses and peonies, but also some that don’t have an equivalent in nature.

One amazing benefit is eco-friendliness. The plant from which the blossoms are crafted grows quickly, and the source is renewable. The blooms are also reusable, which means there is less waste, and people enjoy their beauty for longer. What type of flowers do you want for your big day? Do you worry that some of them are not in season? For instance, if you plan a winter wedding, options are limited, and you need to settle with what florists have in stock.

However, with sola blooms, this is no longer a problem. You can decorate the venue with bouquets of sunflowers, peonies, or even tulips. It is up to your imagination and preferences. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a fortune for them or have them shipped from across the globe. Pair them with dried botanicals; you have the most beautiful arrangements to impress everyone and make you feel even more special.

How to Combine Dried Botanicals with Sola FlowersDried Botanicals with Sola Flowers

When you have fresh flowers, matching the desired color palette with the blossoms is challenging. Maybe the shades don’t naturally exist, and you must compromise. This is not the case with sola blooms and dried botanicals, as you need a swatch from the dress or suit, and you can purchase the required paints to dye each flower. Fillers and greenery add a dash of texture, and depending on the floral arrangements, you can make the best combinations.

If you don’t know where to start, you can view tutorials and get inspired by so many ideas presented online. Crafters and designers come up with the best inspiration, and all you need is to decide on the theme of the wedding. Do you want something romantic and delicate or a bolder theme to make a statement and assure everyone will talk about the event?

DIY Wooden Flower Ideas for Wedding

Amid the myriad choices couples face when planning their dream wedding, the idea of incorporating DIY wooden flowers emerges as a creative and budget-friendly option. Wooden flowers offer a unique and customizable alternative to traditional blooms, allowing couples to infuse a rustic and personalized touch into their wedding decor. By combining these wooden blossoms with dried botanicals, couples can craft stunning arrangements that not only capture the essence of their chosen theme but also stand as timeless keepsakes.

As you venture into the world of DIY wooden flower arrangements, consider extending the DIY ethos to other aspects of your wedding, such as invitations. DIY wedding invitations present an excellent opportunity to further personalize your celebration while keeping costs in check. Explore various ideas, from hand-painted invitations that echo the hues of your wooden flowers to incorporating natural elements like twine or pressed flowers for a cohesive and charming touch.

Couples are increasingly drawn to wooden flowers for weddings due to various reasons, including the ease of online shopping, the ability to buy in bulk, and substantial cost savings. From classic roses to unique designs not found in nature, wooden flowers provide an extensive range of choices for couples seeking to create memorable bouquets and centerpieces. The added bonus of eco-friendliness, as the source of these blooms is renewable, resonates with those who value sustainability.

Pairing wooden flowers with dried botanicals not only enhances their visual appeal but also addresses challenges posed by seasonal availability and limited color choices. The combination offers flexibility in achieving desired color palettes, providing a practical solution to match the wedding theme. The abundance of tutorials and online inspiration facilitates the creative process, guiding couples to seamlessly blend wooden flowers and dried botanicals into cohesive and stunning arrangements.

DurabilityDurability of Wooden Flowers for Weddings

Flowers don’t perform well when you have a wedding in harsher weather conditions. They wilt faster, lose their beauty and colors, and the entire decorations and bouquets look gloomy. Since couples spend so much money on fresh flowers, they feel disappointed when this happens. Significantly, the bridal bouquet is compromised, and brides don’t have the chance to take too many photos with it.

A solution to this issue is wooden flowers for weddings. They don’t have to be kept in water, and they withstand temperatures very well. They look as beautiful as when you place them in arrangements. In fact, if you want to be proactive, you can make bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and corsages in advance and only decorate the venue before the big day. This way, you take most of the pressure off your shoulders.


Another fantastic benefit of wooden flowers for weddings is their diversity. You are not limited to the seasonality of the blooms available within your location; you can choose from so many stunning designs. You can find popular blooms in wooden form and combine them for the best arrangements. They look highly realistic, and you don’t need to make compromises.

If you have favorite flowers and your mind is set on them, you can find them designed out of the tapioca plant. Don’t forget to add dried botanicals, which make an entire difference. You can achieve better effects and choose greenery or colored pieces that make any arrangements stand out. You might not find the desired shade in fresh flowers if you want blue flowers, turquoise, a particular shade of pink, burgundy, or even black.

Unlimited Use of Wooden Flowers for WeddingsUse of Wooden Flowers for Weddings 

Why purchase fresh flowers that only last for a day and then you will throw them away when you can invest in blossoms that can be repurposed forever? You can keep your bouquet for a lifetime, give the centerpieces to guests, make additional arrangements and wreaths to decorate homes and offices, surprise your loved ones with gorgeous pieces, and much more. The main idea is that blossoms aren’t wasted and can be reused for other occasions and purposes.

There are numerous possibilities, and you can buy sola flowers and dried botanicals in bulk. Therefore, you will save considerably on the products and be free to make the desired combinations. Finding a reliable supplier is the key; it should be someone specialized, capable of delivering complex and large orders, with excellent stock at hand and reasonable offers. You should choose from numerous designs and models and dye them in the desired color combinations afterward. Of course, if you love the natural shades, keep them as they are.

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