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14 Half Up Half Down Quick Hairstyles for Daily or Party Look

14 Half Up Half Down Quick Hair Style for Daily Look

Have a party coming up? How do you plan on styling your hair to achieve the stunning look you need? Well, deciding upon the perfect hairstyle for a party or even for every day is never easy. Should you go for Ponytail hairstyles, or a simple braid with a half up and half down hairstyle? Don’t you worry!

Today, we have come up with the 14 best Half up half down hairstyles for daily use and parties. Here, you will find unique hairstyles for styling your hair to achieve the best look that gives you just the right vibe for a party. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or casually styling your hair, these hairstyles are perfect for every occasion. Let’s have a look at these creative and interesting hairstyles.

14 Best Simple Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Here are our selection of the best half up, half down hairstyles for you.

1. Simple Half-up With A Twist

Simple Half-up With A Twist

This half-up twist will go perfect for curly or straight here, giving you a romantic finish. With the hair open, bring one strand of hair from each end, twisting them and tying them with a clip in the center. This elegant hairstyle will help ramp up those curls and give a pretty and soft look, also best for an everyday fresh look.

Pair this hairstyle with elegant studs or hanging earrings and a long dress to achieve the perfect look to carry on a party or just for everyday dress-up. This simple yet soft look is one of our favorite half-up half-down hairstyles for short hair.

2. The Twisted Fishtail

This is one of the best Half-up half-down hairstyles with braids because it gives a perfect look for everyday and party events. What can go better with this hairstyle than a braid to compliment the look. Open your hair and bring to strands of hair, one from each end towards the back and twist them. Twist these strands together and make a fishtail braid in the middle. Compliment this with a floral clip at the center.

Whether it’s a party event you’re attending, this hairstyle can go perfectly with a long or short fancy dress. You can also top them up with a floral crown if you like flowers.

3. The French-Braid Tie Back

The French-Braid Tie Back

Most people would love this unique hairstyle for carrying on a close event because of the graceful look. French braid compiled with half-down hair is just the look you want to carry to an event. Open your hair and start a french braid from either the left or the right end of the head from the front. Slowly take the french braid towards the back of the head and stop at the middle. Bring a plain strand of hair from the other end and tie it with the braid in the center.

Glitter or beads can be used in the center. This look goes great with frocks, long dresses, or even short shirts and jeans.

 4. Half-Up Ribbon Style

This is another best half up and half down hairstyle since it will be more prominent than a simple braided style for darker hair. Backcomb the hair to create a gentle puff at the back of the head and tie at the back middle. Two hair strands are brought from each end and bound together using a colored ribbon. You can choose the ribbon color that goes with your dress.

With the rest of the hair open, this half-up, half-down hairstyle is just the perfect look for everyday dress-up and parties. Pair this hairstyle with a bright-colored dress of your choice.

5. Half-Up Bun Twist

Half-Up Bun Twist

One of the best half-up half hairstyles straight hair is with a bun that gives you an out-of-the-ordinary look. The unique style created by this look is perfect for a friend’s get-together party or a wedding.

Take half your hair and part into three, then make a regular braid. Next, pull the braid ends to add volume and tie a pony. Now twist this till the end and then roll it to create a bun at the back. Pin it at the back to secure this in place. This look works best for long, straight hair. Wear a long, light, or dark-colored dress to achieve a stylish look for attending any event.

6. Simple Half-Up With A Braided Hairband

Simple Half-Up With A Braided Hairband

Half up half down hairstyle’s front view shows this hairstyle as one of the perfect ones for medium or long hair and works best with all sorts of hair, whether straight, wavy, or curly. Let your hair down and braid two strands, one from each end, to create a band. Tie these hairbands at both ends to achieve a perfect natural headband with the remaining hair open.

While this seems a little tricky, it’s not once you get the hang of it. Wear this hairstyle with a stylish top and hanging earrings or studs to complete the look. Whether you’re dressing up for yourself or attending a party, you can flaunt that beautiful hair with this hairstyle.

7. Simple Half-Up Criss-Cross Hair Twist

Simple Half-Up Criss-Cross Hair Twist

These half-up half-down hairstyles weave a stunningly elegant hair look that requires a lot of booby pins but will be worth the effort. The perfect criss-cross twists are just what you need to carry a perfect formal look. Multiple small strands of hair are pulled from each end tied in the middle using bobby pins to create a criss-cross style at the center. This isn’t hard to pull off and works with almost every hair length. Whether you’re dressing for every day or off to dinner with friends, this hairstyle is perfect for carrying on a special event.

8. Simple And Easy Half-Up Bow

Simple And Easy Half-Up Bow

Hairstyling cannot get easier than this, and if you’re looking for half up half down hairstyles black girl, this one is just right. Since most hairstyles aren’t visible in black hair, this one will be prominent enough to carry on any event. Just pull two short hair strands from each end and then tie them into a bow. Use hairspray to secure it in place. The remaining half-down hair can either be curled or straightened as needed. With your hair tied at the back, wear pretty hanging earrings to compliment the look, whether it’s a birthday party or a friend’s get-together.

9. Half-Up, Half-Down Braided Bangs

Half-Up, Half-Down Braided Bangs

You need an idea for styling your hair for a great event. Tie a braided hair bang at the front with the remaining hair left open to get a stylish look. Since the hair is tied at the top, you can fit studs in the picture just perfect to complete the entire look. Tie braids of your choice, fishtail, or simple braids starting from one end, tying them at the other. This will result in a great, voluminous look, making you all ready for a big day. Whether you want to wear a long dress or a short shirt with jeans, this hairstyle won’t disappoint.

10. Half-Up Pony Tail

Half-Up Pony Tail

If you’re a fan of simple yet elegant hairstyle looks, this is just what you need. Let all your hair down, only tying a small strand with a pony in the middle center. This looks like a fountain of hair merging down into the remaining hair. You can keep the remaining hair straight or curl them if you want. What a perfect yet simple look to carry on a family or friend’s event. The look doesn’t always have to be complicated. If you’re wearing a fancy suit with elegant jewelry, this simple hairstyle is enough to do the job.

11. Half-Up, Half-Down Strands With Ribbon

Half-Up, Half-Down Strands With Ribbon

This hairstyle will complement your choice if you like to carry simplicity to all your special events. This simple hairstyle is suited for long or short hair and can go equally well with curly and straight hair. Just bring two hair strands and make a simple braid; tie them together with a ribbon of your choice. The ribbon color should match or contrast with the color of your dress to complete the graceful look.

You can braid or twist the strands of hair if you like, or bring them straight. This simple and graceful look can be completed with a long or short fancy dress coupled with simple jewelry.

12. The Floral Affair

The Floral Affair Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for those who love florals. It works well with short and long hair and curly and straight hair. If your parties are themed floral, there can be no better option.  Just bring small hair strands from the front sides and tie them at the back middle. Set the center with the floral clips and bands of your choice. Curl the remaining hair and let them down!

You can’t get a better floral hairdo than this to carry on a close family or friend’s event. Even if you want to dress up for yourself, this hairdo is right. This can be paired up perfectly with a long dress.

13. Half-Up With a Ponytail Mix

Half-Up With a Ponytail Mix

To achieve an unexpectedly beautiful look, you can mix a half-up hairdo with a regular down pony. This hairstyle goes perfectly with long hair, but you can also set it if you have short hair. Just put your hair by bringing two strands from each end and tying them at the back. You can also create a puff at the back. With the remaining hair let down, tie a loose pony to achieve the perfect ponytail mix half-up look. This graceful look is just what you need to carry on to your next party. Wear this look with a long dress of your choice.

14. Half-Up Half-Down With a Bun

Half-Up Half-Down With a Bun

Do you have short hair or long? This style is best for short and long hair for every occasion, whether a family event or a party. Although this is similar to the previous hair-do, you don’t need to braid them here for this. Also, in this style, you take the front part of your hair only to make a bun.

The top section of the hair is tied into an elegant bun, with the remaining hair let down. You can also bring some of the side hair into the bun if you want. The best look is achieved when this is set with short hair coupled with elegant jewelry, and this is a perfect combo with a long dress. This bun with the hair let down is undoubtedly a hairstyle you’d want to try on your next occasion.


With so many hairstyles to choose from, you can try out each one to see which one is best for the occasion and suits you the most. We promise you it won’t take you long to set your hair.

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