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Highlights to Cover Grey on Brown Hair

Highlights to Cover Grey on Brown Hair

Unsurprisingly, old age brings many challenges, including beauty concerns. People aren’t always ready to embrace those white hair for a change, especially people with dark hair. You may have seen many influencers flaunting that grey hair look, but it isn’t the same with everyone. Not everyone appreciates those white, silvery hair strands. Is there a solution to this grey hair? Of course! Highlights to cover grey on brown hair are just the perfect solution.

Hair Turning Grey; What to do?

Hair Turning Grey; What to do?

Before we head to the process of silver highlights to cover grey on brown hair, we want you to know that grey hair isn’t at all something terrible. Yet, not everyone can appreciate it. Grey hair in light or blonde hair won’t be as visible, but this isn’t the case with dark brown hair color. Grey hair in the latter is very noticeable; that is why you would want to color them if you aren’t ready to take the change.

What should you do with your grey hair? The best solution is to use highlights to cover gray hair for brunettes.

How to Disguise Grey Hair with Highlights

How to Disguise Grey Hair with Highlights

If you want to hide those annoying grey hair, follow our simple guide below.

  • Mixing the Formula

Hair coloring starts with the mixing of the right formula. How much to mix depends on the percentage of grey you’re working on. Select the right hair color based on a color matching your natural hair shade.

  • Section Your Hair

With your dye ready, now divide your hair into sections. Section the hair evenly.

  • Saturating the Hair Roots

After dividing the hair into sections, start saturating the hair roots with the hair color. Take one division at a time. Use a tinted brush and reach down to every hair layer, covering those greys. If you want to eliminate those silver stands, try adding more formula when you work on the roots.

  • Wait a While

After you have applied the dye evenly, wait for the color to settle in. Don’t rush the process.

  • Check Your Hair Developing Color

As obvious as it may sound, you’ll need to watch out for the developing color of the hair. You wouldn’t want to wash away the color before it completes work. Leave the hair color on for 15 to 25 minutes if you’re using heat or 40 minutes without it. To check if the highlights on brown hair to cover grey worked, use the comb’s tail end.

  • Wash Your Hair

Have you checked the hair’s developing color? If you think it’s done, you now head to washing off the dye with a shampoo. Carefully rinse your hair, running water over them and rubbing through it till the dye washes off.

  • Dry the Hair Naturally or by Using a Towel

Finally, after you’re done with caramel highlights to cover grey hair, dry off the hair to get the perfect hair highlights. If you wish to let your hair dry out naturally, you can do that or pat them dry using a towel.

That’s all! After your hair is dry, you’re all set to flaunt your hair. Say goodbye to grey hair and hello to perfect highlights.

Caring for Colored or Dyed Hair

Caring for Colored or Dyed Hair

If you don’t want your hair to lose its color too quickly after using highlights to cover grey on dark brown hair, you’ll need to take care of it to expand the lifetime. Here are some tips for caring for dyed hair.

  • Tailor your Haircare Routine

To protect your hair after dyeing, you should be careful with your conditioner and shampoo selection. Choose a special shampoo and conditioner designed for dyed hair. With many options out there, you can choose whichever suits you.

  • Don’t Wash Your Hair too Often.

Of course, you can’t go without washing your hair, but remember that the more you wash it, the quicker the color fades away, especially if your dye is semi-permanent; instead of washing your hair every day, use a dry shampoo to replace a wash once a week.

  • Drying Your Hair Carefully

If you dry your hair too often or harshly, you might want to be careful. Rubbing your hair too much will weaken it, reducing its ability to hold color. Try to use a soft towel instead of a coarse one, and try soaking in more water in the hair after a shower.

Final Words

Final words

Dark hair going grey, what color should I go? Well, we’ve talked about the best color to go with your natural hair shade or a tone that’s the closest. Highlights are the best way to cover the greys on brown hair. The method is simple; we’ve covered it above! We hope you find it helpful.

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