How Can Renting an Office Condo Benefit Your Medical Practice?

How Can Renting an Office Condo Benefit Your Medical Practice

Many medical practitioners want to be the owner of their clinics. When just a few thousand sq ft are required, nevertheless, it might be tough to locate an existing facility that is compact enough or reasonably priced. 

This is just one of the many factors why office condominiums may be a worthwhile option for healthcare professionals. You can easily find a medical office space for lease if you don’t cannot buy one.

Options for Smaller Sizes

The most common reason for healthcare professionals to consider buying an office condo is to have a smaller location that meets their needs that might otherwise be only accessible for leasing. In addition, modest medical office space for lease is easier to find.

How Can Renting an Office Condo Benefit Your Medical Practice

You may be able to discover a standalone structure, multi-tenant structure, or floor construction site that meets your modest storage capacity at a reasonable price. In those cases, employ your health services estate agent to thoroughly assess all of your options and be ready to seize the opportunity if you can locate the right one. 

On the other hand, office condos are a fantastic choice for healthcare professionals who want a few thousand sq ft.

Management Expertise

Maintaining a business property may be more complex and time-consuming than expected. For a variety of reasons, commercial real estate management is a very significant sector. In simple terms, most property owners – including medical property owners – do not have the resources or time to manage their facilities to their full potential. 

Buying or even leasing a medical office space can be pretty expensive for a single proprietor.  However, when multiple proprietors all share the cost, as is the situation with many office condos, it becomes considerably more affordable.

To manage a commercial space at its best, several different types of suppliers are necessary. Retaining maximum value is also a task that requires work. Gardening, parking garage upkeep, fire-hazard and security, waste disposal, cleaning services, audits, utility providers, general maintenance, and many other services must be fully taken care of.

Costs, Principal Paydown, and Tax Deductions

When compared to a standalone business structure, the cost of an office condo is proportionally lower. Commercial real estate development is maybe 2 or 3 times more costly than household real estate development in most countries.

Even a small business building’s pipeline network tap charge (the cost/price to get the right to tap into the water supply servicing that region) can cost over a hundred thousand dollars. Costs like these and others can make developing a new facility difficult, even if you need a few thousand sq ft.

How Can Renting an Office Condo Benefit Your Medical Practice


How to Make the Right Decision

It’s a tough call whether to buy or lease your medical office space. Asking these questions may be beneficial:

  • How long are you willing to commit to a place? 

Buying is more financially appealing if you are looking for a location to establish your medical office for the next ten years.

  • Is your practice expanding?

If you expect your medical practice to expand substantially over the next several years, leasing is better.

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