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How did Boogie 2988 Lose Weight? – Challenges Throughout the Journey

How did Boogie 2988 Lose Weight?

Steven Jay Williams, a public figure known as “Boogie 2988”, was born on July 24, 1974). He is an American YouTuber and reporter who makes recordings related to gaming and talks about gaming news. He is also an expert at making vlogs and character sketches. His most famous character is Francis, portraying a childish person who is fond of smashing and crushing different objects.

Early Life

He went to an Upward Bound for the pre-collegiate program when he was young. He made numerous companions there. He, at that point, went to the University of Virginia yet failed out after breaking up with one of his companions. At the same time, His sibling offered him the chance to move to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to reinvent himself. Boogie figured out how to design a website. He made numerous companions with whom he played “Magic the Gathering”. Boogie was told that he was suffering from lymphedema, and there came a time in his life where a doctor suggested him ambulating his leg, but Boogie didn’t agree to that. Boogie became more overweight due to lack of physical exercise, and he became more discouraged. After some time, his father died because of cancer, and his mom had a fall and damaged her leg. Doctors said it would never happen because of which she was unable to work. Boogie has noted that this occasion drove her to the brink.

Early Life of Boogie

Full NameSteven Jay Williams
NicknameBoogie 2988
Date of BirthJuly 24, 1974
Age46 years
Height5 ft 6 inches
HomeSt. Paul, Virginia, U.S.
OccupationYoutuber, Television producer
MotherWanda Williams
FatherCarl Williams
SiblingsKarla Williams, Bryan Williams
WifeDesiree Williams
Net Worth$2.5 million

Career Life

With the advancement in technology and success of the internet, the demand for new web developers and web designers decreased until Boogie had no left with no cash as found YouTube in 2006. Boogie was exceedingly astonished that not every person who watched his recordings was mean. Some were thoughtful and thought that it was amusing. Apart from making a video of his character, Francis, and being hacked in-game “World of Warcraft“, Ray William Johnson gave him a shoutout, which increased his subscribers within no time, and he could begin to help himself from YouTube.

Career Life of Boogie 2988

After three years, he got a call that his mom was in the emergency clinic. He went to visit her, and she passed on while he was there. He later met Desiree Dez, who had seen his recordings. She, in the end, dropped down to Arkansas to live with him, and they got hitched in 2013. After some time, he recorded in his Draw My Life video. His Draw My Life is quite possibly the most seen recordings on the channel. He is open about the medical problems he has been living with because of being so overweight and addresses the theme regularly in his Rambling video blogs.


Back in 2016, Boogie started working with McJuggerNuggets to make a series about McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel that followed the reason of Boogie being a person with a different character, Francis that needed to have Jesse McJuggerNuggets in his possession and revived The Psycho Series, which he finished in June of that same year. The series ended in December 2016. However, it later reemerged in July 2017 in McJuggerNuggets’ 2017 series, The Devil Inside. In this collaboration, He settled his various character issues and fixation on Jesse. The joint effort for that arrangement has from that point forward finished that same month it began.

Boogie2988 Social Media

Boogie being a famous YouTuber is loved by many people. One of the best ways to stay updated with Boogie is through his social media accounts. One could get to know about all his recent life happenings through his stories of pictures. Here are the social media accounts of Boogie.

1. Boogie 2988 Twitter

Boogie2988 Twitter

2. Youtube Boogie 2988

YouTube Boogie 2988

3. Boogie 2988 Reddit

Boogie2988 Reddit

4. Boogie 2988 Twitch

Boogie 2988 Twitch

5. Boogie2988 Instagram

Boogie 2988 Instagram

Matrimonial Life and Split

Matrimonial Life of Boogie 2988

Boogie married Desiree Williams in 2018. The couple were living a happy married life but on December 19, 2017, Steven declared through a YouTube video that he and his wife were getting a separation, which ended in February, 2018. He gave a clarification to this on Reddit, expressing, “I think the explanation we isolated was more basic. She was troubled and needed to leave to check whether she could be glad. She held up until she realized he was going to be alright, post a medical procedure before she left.” Additionally, Steven has likewise spoken about his separation while on the H3H3 webcast.

Gastric Detour

Boogie has recently shared a piece of meaningful and surprising news with his fans and followers. Stressed over his future and worries about his heavyweight, Boogie 2988 proceeded to go through a medical procedure called gastric detour. Steven got a gastric detour, a medical procedure to help him deal with his giant obesity in August 2017.

Boogie 2988 Weight loss

As a result, by the start of February 2019, Steven has dropped from more than 500 lbs to 347 lbs. As indicated by Steven, this is the least he had weighed since 1992, when he moved on from secondary school at 380 lbs. It became an effective process as he lost above and beyond 100 pounds and 50 pounds by consuming fewer calories and doing constant exercise. Boogie, who recently gauged 500 pounds, tries to hit his objective of 250 pounds.

The outcomes he has accomplished so far have been emotional, and he is anxious to continue to shed pounds. He says, “I am stupidly motivated “.

Complexities in Weight Loss Journey

When you have bad eating habits and have a deep relationship with food, changing abruptly is overwhelmingly a complex process. Forgetting the long period of learning every one of some unacceptable things about food requires a ton of core interest. He is a man who used to play PC games throughout the day. It was a part of his daily life routine that isn’t the best thing for somebody battling obesity.

Complexities in weight loss journey of Boogie 2988

Boogie has figured out how to deal with his nervousness, discouragement, self-destructive considerations to shed 200lbs of excessive fats or pounds. Yet he has to go far and work hard to achieve his ultimate goal of reducing more weight.

Back in September 2018, Stephen had admitted in one of his video blogs that there were days when he wanted to die, and he had this feeling since the time he was fifteen. He just realized that he could eat a lot of junk food, and committing suicide at the same period would have been a “win-win condition “.

Boogie had experienced many ups and downs in life, yet he managed to stay focused and never lose hope. He faced many challenges in his weight loss journey, but he never gave up and reduced excessive weight.


1. How many subscribers boogie 2988?

Boogie being a famous television producer has 4.18M subscribers on his YouTube channel. His videos are loved and watched a lot.

2. Is Boogie still losing weight?

After gastric bypass surgery, Stephen lost 100 pounds. And, last August he stated in one of his vlogs that he has lost more than 100 kg.

3. Does Boogie2988 have a girlfriend?

He had a girlfriend named Dez. Both of them got married back in 2013 and are a happy couple now.

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