How Does Life Coaching Work? Full Guide

how life coaching works

When someone decides to get a life coach, it is because they want to make specific changes in their lives that will help them achieve vital goals over a given period of time.

Life coaches don’t try to dig into the past of people but adopt some techniques that will enable them to achieve greater things in the future. Life coaching happens to be a process that is client–driven. Through a life coach, you will be able to achieve specific goals and improve your lifestyle.

Such a professional isn’t going to be dishing out advice on areas you haven’t decided to address in your life. Every coach listens to their client’s current problems, ideas, and hopes about the future.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

a man having a session with a life coach
a man having a session with a life coach

Life coaches do charge based on sessions. The time duration for every session is 30 minutes to 1 hour. Clients will meet their hired life coaches either physically (one on one) or through phone calls. It could be on weekly basis or even via emails.

Does Life Coaching Involve Certification?

Currently, anyone can easily become a life coach. Standardization is minimal and there isn’t any requirement in terms of educational background. It is always challenging trying to find a professional life coach.

Some of the variables to be considered are the:

  • Experience
  • Background
  • Education of the life coach

How To Choose a Life Coach?

life coach
life coach

Here are some important points you should consider while choosing a life coach:

1. Goal setting

Lots of people do understand that there are certain areas in their lives where they aren’t happy. This could be about their business, work, career, relationships with others, finances, or even some habits.

What isn’t known is how the changes can be made in order to improve in such aspects. Through pointed questions and focused listening, a life coach will be of great help.

Such a professional will ensure that you understand the situation clearly. He will assist you in setting a goal that is achievable in the nearest future.

2. Look for a life coach expert in the area you want to address

You should find a life coach who specializes in the area of your need. He will understand your problems properly and guide you accordingly.

3. Find someone with whom you feel at ease

It is vital that your life coach is someone you are comfortable talking to over a particular issue. Also, such a person will have to demonstrate some confidence that you can be helped to achieve your goals over a given period of time.

Despite the fact that life coaching isn’t therapy, it is very important that you develop a solid relationship with whoever you must have hired. You must be able to trust such a person. Also, he must be friendly and show that he wants to help you out in the best way possible.

4. Set up a trial session and talk about your budget

Most times life coaches do offer some trial sessions without any charge. This is to enable you to have a firsthand experience of their services. This will help you decide on which one to hire since you will not be spending a dime before knowing whether your needs will be met or not.

5. Strategic planner

A life coach will help identify obstacles to success. He will also devise some strategies through which these obstacles can be tackled. He does this by developing a series of planned actions that you will follow over a given period of time.


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