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How Does The 17 Day Diet Work? Review of the Diet Plan

The 17 Day Diet was designed by Charlotte Leslie and involves 3 phases of a 17 Day Diet protocol plus a longer 4th cycle for maintaining your weight. Each phase is slightly different in composition of carbohydrate, protein, fat and calorie ranges.

The rationale for the 17-day phases is to increase metabolism and the ability for the fat breakdown in the body.

Phase 1: Accelerate Cycle

This first cycle is composed of around 1,200 calories per day from limited fruits, unlimited non-starchy vegetables, lean proteins and a few healthy fats per day. This phase is supposed to cleanse and hydrate your body. This induces rapid weight loss, mostly which is water weight. Exercise is advised to 17 minutes per day because of the low-calorie intake; people can add more as they feel comfortable. The video explains the first phase of the diet and the foods you can eat.

Phase 2: Activate Cycle

As the video below shows, foods change a little with high amount non-starchy vegetables, more liberal fruit intake, lean proteins and one healthy fat serving per day. Calorie range in this phase is slightly higher than phase 1 at 1,500 calories. Calorie ranges from lower to higher intake during this phase. Dr. Moreno suggests this keeps body metabolism “guessing” and stimulates fat loss with another 5-6 pounds. Exercise is still recommended at 17 minutes per day, with allowance for more if energy permits.

Phase 3: Achieve Cycle

This phase is similar to phase 2, but limited complex. Carbohydrates, low-calorie snacks, and alcohol are added back into the diet. This phase promotes healthy eating habits and portion control. A recommended exercise is brought up to 40-60 minutes most days of aerobic activity. Weight loss is estimated to be around 2-3 pounds.

Phase 4: Arrive Cycle

This phase is meant to maintain goal weight and use principles learned during the first 3 phases. Weekends are more flexible and allow more freedom with “strategic splurging” but not total binging. This phase assumes you have hit your target weight, and you can cycle back through phases 1-3 if you desire more weight loss. Exercise suggestions are recommended levels in phase 3. With encouragement to do an hour on weekends.

How does the 17 Day Diet work?

The 17 Day Diet incorporates healthy, lifelong eating practices of eliminating processed foods, sugar and refined grains while instilling behaviors of portion control and high amount of daily water intake. The maintenance phase at the end helps instill these habits as lifelong choices. Weight loss may vary compared to the recommended ranges per cycle.

There is not much evidence suggesting that 17 days is a magical number for metabolism changes. Or that varying food intake times during the day stimulates metabolism confusion and increased fat burn.

What are the principles behind the 17 Day Diet?

Bottom line, the basic principles of healthy food choices, portion control, and exercise make this a good combination. Dr. Moreno suggests the diet is safe for Type 1 and 2 diabetics with some people coming off their medication. However, before starting any diet, talk to your health care professional.

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