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How Long Should I Plop my Hair? | Complete Guide to Plop Hair

How long should I plop my hair?

If you are a fan of fashion and like to style your hair to perfection on every other occasion, hair plopping is a technique you should certainly try. Plopping refers to the process of preserving curls and minimizing frizz if you have curly hair. The process requires washing, moisturizing, and then tying them up into a towel or a T-shirt.

Steps to Plop Hair

Follow the detailed procedure below to get the best results.

Step 1: Prepare your Hair

To begin with, you need to shampoo, wash, and then condition your hair. To be effective, your hair needs to be damp, so you can best use this technique after you shower.

Condition Your Hair

Step 2: Squeeze Out Extra Water from your Wet Hair

Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, scrunch them to squeeze out the excess water. Do so gently until your hair is damp, and no longer wet. You can either pat them dry or wrap them up in a microfiber towel for twenty to thirty minutes. Don’t use terry cloth. If you don’t have a microfiber towel, use a T-shirt.

Squeeze Out Extra Water from your Wet Hair

Step 3: Use a Leave-in Conditioner to Prevent your Hair from Getting Frizzy

Get yourself a leave-in conditioner and use this on your hair. If you have a cream conditioner, apply a dime-size dollop if your hair is short and a quarter-size dollop if they are long. As for a mist spray, use it until your hair is evenly moist. Massage in the conditioner and rub through with your fingers.

Use a Leave-in Conditioner to Prevent your Hair from Getting Frizzy

Step 4: Comb or Brush your Hair

After applying the leave-in conditioner, brush your hair so that the product is distributed evenly. Doing so will also remove tangles and ensure that your hair doesn’t get stuck in knots when you tie them in a towel.

Comb or Brush your Hair

Step 5: Tie the Plop

To tie your hair, lay out a towel or T-shirt completely flat. If you are using a T-shirt, make sure it is extra-large so that it can be tied around your head securely. Then flip your hair out in front of you.

Step 6: Lower your Head onto the T-shirt

Lower your head so that the hair curls naturally onto the towel. Your hair should pile on top of the towel until your head is touching it.

Plopping Hair

Step 7: Pull the Top Part of the Towel onto the Back of Your Head

Fold over the top of the towel onto your head until it reaches the back of your head, and pull it flat.

Step 8: Knot the Towel

If you were using a T-shirt, tie its sleeves. As for a towel, twist the ends to hold it in place.

Knot the Plop

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Step 9: Let the Hair Dry Completely

Keep your hair tied until they have dried completely. For this, the knot needs to be tight enough to last.

How Long Should I Plop my Hair?

You need to plop your hair only as long as it takes for them to dry completely. Thick and long hair typically takes much longer than thin and short hair. You should know how long they usually take. While you can take off the towel as soon as the hair dries completely, it is also perfectly fine to leave it on for longer. You can leave the towel on overnight as well.

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