How Many Strands of Hair Does Humans Have? (Facts&Figures)

How Many Strands of Hair Does Humans Have - a girl with beautiful and long hair
a girl with beautiful and long hair

The hair has multiple functions, such as regulating body temperature and protecting it from other harmful factors. In addition to that, mainly your appearance and overall beauty depend upon your hair and your hairstyle.

While combing out the hair, most of us think, after losing hair, how many hairs do we have before and after combing? Males and females both are conscious of their hair and hair density.

Average Number of Human Hair

a man slicking his hair back
a man slicking his hair back

Humans have, on average, 100,000 hair on the head but this number varies depending on various factors. According to AAD, we, on average, lose 50-100 hair daily.

Although the adult human body has 5 million hair follicles, man has hundreds of thousands more than women. These hair follicles distribute evenly throughout the body except soles and palms.

How Many Strands of Hair Does a Human Child Have?

a sleeping baby
a sleeping baby

How many strands of hair a human child has depends upon various factors in which genetic effect is one of them. A baby with a darker complexion has more hair at birth than a lighter one. According to PudMed, mothers who suffer a rate of heartburn during pregnancy will give birth to a child with more hair.

It is said from the research that a newborn is born with a total number of hair follicles that they need in life. They come with 5 million hair follicles which give hair strands called lanugo at the 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Hair Density

The hair strands on your head per square inch are called hair density, which varies from person to person.

The primary factor on which hair density depends is race and hair color. Taking care of your hair can also help you maintain hair density. There are 100,000 hair follicles present on your head which go through different stages:


In this phase, 85-90% of hair is in the growth stage in the hair follicles.


In this phase, hair doesn’t grow but remains in the follicle.


Hair started shedding from the follicle in the resting phase.

Hair Density With Colors

hair with different colors
hair with different colors

The hair density varies with color such as:

  • Blonde has 150,000 hair strands.
  • Brown has 110,000 hair strands.
  • Black has 100,000 hair strands.
  • Red has 90,000 hair strands.

Strands Per Inch

Now, after knowing the total number of hairs on the head, we should know how many are present per square inch. There are 800-1290 strands per inch on your scalp, which can also be understood as 124-200 hairs per square centimeter.

Two Hair One Pore

multiple hair in one hair follicle
multiple hairs in one hair follicle

Two hair one pore condition is termed pili multigemini which is sometimes related to infection. Pili Multigemini can occur anywhere on the body but mainly in the beard and scalp of children. Researchers have declared it as an inherited factor that transmits generation after generation.

There are various causes of this condition. You can treat pili multigemini using different methods including laser hair removal and electrolysis.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair growth undergoes 5 stages of cycles for its development. It includes:

  • Anagen Phase
  • Catagen Phase
  • Telogen phase
  • Exogen phase
  • Anagen phase


So you will get the surprising answer to this intriguing question: humans have 100,000 hair. They are born with 5 million hair follicles. You will become aware that babies are also born with the same number of hair and hair follicles. The hair passes through different cycles to maintain its density on the head.


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