How to Cover Yourself from Accidents While You’re on Holiday

Travel Accident Insurance
How to Cover Yourself from Accidents While You're on Holiday

Insurance should be one of the main things you look at when going through the financial numbers for a trip. A holiday away from home can easily become an expensive problem when you’re not prepared. As a minimum, you should be current with your primary insurance. Apply here to get started and learn more about the impact of good health on your life.

Travel Accident Insurance

Travel accident insurance is coverage for death or accidents when out of state or the country. It is a specialized plan made to cover regular or life insurance when you are in a travelling accident. This is different from primary insurance and will pay benefits even if you don’t have regular insurance. Because of the way it is structured, travel accident insurance is not meant as a complete replacement for primary insurance. Instead, think of it as a supplement for any time you’re away from home. With travel accident insurance, you’ll feel a lot safer when going on long trips.

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What Does It Cover?

There are a lot of things it covers, but primarily travel accident insurance is good for emergency evacuations, travel assistant services, accidental death and dismemberment and repatriation. Based on the provider you go with, emergency medical expenses may also be part of their primary care. The key with coverage is to fill in all of the holes leftovers by traditional insurance. If your travel accident insurance can do that, then it is already worth the contract. You may need to shop around a bit to find a plan that is compatible with your primary insurance. It takes some extra effort but will get you the maximum value for your money.

Why You Need It

Regular insurance may not cover some of the injuries you sustain out of state or country. This can get tricky when the person that gets injured is on a business trip. If you work for a company that often sends you around the globe, then travel accident insurance is expected. This not only covers you and the company but also your family. The benefits provided by travel accident insurance can be lifesaving to a family in a one income household. You’ll be asked about beneficiaries when signing up for the insurance, but it can be changed when necessary.

There Are Limits

Just like regular insurance, travel accident insurance has limits on all plans. Pay close attention to these limitations since they can impact the usefulness of the plan. If you fly all the time, then it doesn’t make sense to get a plan that has limits on flying accidents. There are even plans that limit the travel area, mileage, country and even specific territories. The only thing that most plans have in common is when the coverage starts. You have to be a certain number of miles away from home before travel accident insurance will take effect.

Finding The Right Plan

Take the time to find out what your yearly travel schedule is like. This will give you a starting point when looking at plans. Even if your primary health care changes, your travel accident insurance will remain the same. Don’t rush into any plan, and scan the fine print to find any hidden fees. The hardest part about getting this type of insurance is making sure it is compatible with your lifestyle. Doing your homework before searching for a plan will save you time, money and keep you from a potentially life-changing situation. If you have any doubts about what your primary care covers, look at up to date information before making a final decision on travel accident insurance. Compatibility isn’t mandatory, but it can help cover areas that are needed the most.

Save Money When Possible

Narrow down your choices based on what you need the most. You can always compare plans to get a better idea of which plan offers more for the money. Agents will also break down plan specifics so that you understand which areas matter the most for each individual. When chatting with an experienced agent, that is the best time to lob ‘what ifs’ their way. Use their knowledge as a test to see if the company can meet your needs as a client. If the answers you get are insufficient, then chances are the plan is worth more money than it’s worth.

Don’t Let Cost Be The Final Decider

The price of travel accident insurance may not be something you agree with. If the value is there but the cost is off, don’t dismiss a good offer. Remember that this type of insurance can save lives. The last thing you want to do is look at your wallet when deciding the importance of its benefits. This becomes a lot easier to do if you don’t like the company providing the insurance. But if your future travel accident insurance plan is from a good company, consider their offer.

Annual Coverage Or Single Trip?

Travel accident insurance isn’t just for heavy globe trotters. It can be purchased for a single trip like a family vacation. Annual coverage is made for clients that leave home a lot and need maximum coverage. Both plans are great, but the glaring problem is that there is no middle ground between the two. If you go on more than three trips per year, then it makes more sense to do annual coverage instead of three single trip contracts. It can also turn out to be the cheaper option based on how much you have to cover. Others that tend to go on two trips or less per year will be just fine with the single trip option.

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Wrap Up

Travel accident insurance is more than worth it if you’re spending a few days away from home. Nothing can be more frightening than not having insurance and getting hurt. Instead of venturing into the unknown, prepare for the worst. By putting your health first, there is nothing that can ruin your well-earned holiday.

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