How to Design a Professional Photo Book Gift

Photo book design

A photobook can be the perfect gift for various occasions. With Mother’s Day coming up, you might be thinking about putting all your mum’s favorite photos of her family into one book where she can enjoy them all. Photobooks also make the perfect gift for new parents, milestone birthdays, or big achievements like graduations. They can be a stunning, thoughtful wedding or anniversary gift or a way to remember somebody who has passed. In contrast, the digital age that we live in today has made it easier than ever to store your photos securely on your device without keeping them all in wallets or photo albums. Many people still prefer having physical photos to look at.

Suppose you want to get an affordable yet thoughtful gift for somebody that they are sure to appreciate and treasure. In that case, a photobook is a perfect choice. Once you have chosen all the photos you want to include, here are some top tips to keep in mind when creating the perfect photo book.

Choose the Right Design Toolphoto book design tool

There are plenty of businesses offering personalized photo gifts and photo books, so it’s essential to do some research and choose the right one. You will want to order from a reputable company that offers good quality products like Photobox. You can find some of the best personalized mothers day gifts. Along with photo books for your mum for Mother’s Day, they offer a wide range of remarkable unique gift ideas, including photo mugs, cushions, canvases, posters, and more. All you need to do is visit the website or download the app, choose your gift, upload your photos, create your design, and order the gift.

Use High-Quality Photosuse heigh quality photos


Choosing the right photos for your photobook doesn’t just involve picking out the images you like the most. The resolution of your pictures is an important factor to consider when getting a professional photo book finish. The good news is that the majority of good photobook building tools that you can use today will let you know if there is a chance that your photo isn’t going to look great. Ideally, you should use the original photo file wherever possible and avoid using screenshots or photos that you have saved from social media since these are usually higher quality.

Keep it Consistentconsistency

Once you have a design idea for your photo book, it’s important to keep it consistent. While you can add some unique touches depending on the photos on each page, consistency is key to a professional finish. Whether that includes using colors in the same gradient or sticking to the same photo layout throughout, a photobook that flows smoothly will always look and feel higher-quality and more expensive.

Keep it SimpleKeep simle

Less is more will work when it comes to designing your photobook. You want the photos to be the star of the show on each page, so be careful when it comes to how much you add. One good idea is to create a frame for text to add some more information about the photo. You can also use background colors to make a difference in how the images stand out. While you can add as many pictures as you like to a page, it’s best to keep it minimal as you don’t want it to be challenging to focus on. Popular layouts include one photo filling the entire page, two photos taking up half the page each, or four pictures in a grid.

Keep the Layout BalancedBalanced layout

It’s vital to get the balance right when making your photobook look stunning and professional. Balance the individual pages and the entire book by using white space and ensuring it is not too cluttered. Leave an area around the edges to frame your photos rather than using the whole page. Make sure that there is space between each shot rather than overlapping them. Choose pictures of the exact dimensions for each page wherever possible to achieve a sleek and more professional look.

Leave Some Room for Additions

Photo books can be a way to look at your photos or be more interactive. Depending on who you are making a photo book for and the kind of photos you are including, you might want to leave some room to add more information. You can easily do this by creating text boxes on pages or leaving the back of some pages blank. Your recipient can add their knowledge about the photos or jot down their happy memories. If you want to do this, carefully choose the paper for your photobook to ensure that it will be easy to write on and that the ink won’t smudge.

Choose Fonts Carefullyfonts collection

One of the best things about photobooks is adding titles and more information to each page to tell a story. However, choosing the fonts that you will use to do this is something to consider carefully. The fonts that you decide to use can make a massive difference to the overall look and feel of the photobook. You will get a much different vibe from a book with a calligraphy font compared to one that uses Comic Sans, for example. It’s also important to avoid using too many different fonts. Stick to fonts that work well together and choose one for titles, one for subtitles, and another for body text.

Choose a Title

The best photobooks tell a story, so it’s a good idea to come up with a title for yours. You can keep it simple or go with something a bit more unique – it’s down to you and will depend on who you are giving it to and the occasion. Don’t be afraid to use humor in your titles, depending on the recipient. Since the title will be on the cover of the book, it’ll be one of the first things that the recipient sees when they open their gift.

Focus on a Great CoverPhoto book covers

While the saying might be to never judge a book by its cover, this doesn’t mean that you should rush designing the cover of your photobook. The cover should include a stand-out photograph that sets the tone for the rest of the book. Along with the title, this will be the first thing that the recipient will see when they look through the photobook, so make sure that it’s a photo that they love to get them even more excited about opening up the book and looking at what is inside. There are plenty of different designs that you can use for the cover. However, importantly, it should flow with the rest of the book, so remember to keep things consistent.

Photobooks can make the perfect gift idea for lots of different occasions. And with most of us now having hundreds of photos on our phones, it’s never been a better time to make one. If you want to give a photobook that looks sleek and professional, keep these design tips in mind.

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