How To Display and Store Your Child’s Books without Them Becoming an Eye Sore

Child Book Shelf
Child Book Shelf

It is important that every child read but over time, the collection of books can grow and become an eye sore, especially if it is in an area where everyone walks through or passes by. While you may find the books that your child reads cute and funny, they do not make the best décor in your living room on your coffee table.

To encourage learning and reading, you do need to have books on hand, but, fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice your sanity or your home’s appearance to do so either. Below, we will talk to you about several ways you can display and store your child’s books without them becoming such an eye sore.


While you may think that this is an obvious answer, shelving is a great way to store your child’s books. You can opt for traditional shelving, but we prefer floating shelves personally. These shelves are thin enough that they do not stick off the wall too much and they provide you with ample room to store books.

In addition, you can get creative with the shelves and even create something on the wall such as a book tree or a book flower.

Mobile Book Bin

Imagine having books on wheels. It is possible! If you like an adventure and your child is ready for excitement at every turn, you could craft a mobile book bin for them. It is easy, simple, and convenient. All you need to do is get a wagon and put some books in it. Of course, you want the books to look nice and the wagon can sit in your child’s room until they are ready to head out with it. Great idea, huh?

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Newsstand Rack

If you have ever been to a corner market in New York or you have traveled in a small district, then you have likely seen the old-style newsstands that house magazines and newspapers.

This type of display is perfect for your child’s room and will not only add a sense of creativity and wonder, but it will act as a functional storage area too. You can create a newsstand style rack with minimal effort and some dowels.

Your child will be able to choose the book he or she wants and even organize them the way he or she sees fit, which will encourage them to clean up and stay organized.

Make Book Storage Fun and Simple for Your Children

If your child has a lot of books, you do not want them just lying around your home – in fact, that is how they become damaged and ruined.

Above, you will find some ideas for storing your child’s books in your home without causing them to become an eye sore.

Remember, it is best to find a nice place to store your child’s books to help encourage them to read. Without books in your home, your child will not be able to enter a world of creativity and imagination.

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