How to Enlarge My Feet? | 5 Proven Exercises

How to Get Bigger Feet

If you think that the size of your feet is determined solely by nature and that you cannot work to enlarge them, you are not alone in it, as most people think the same. People with tiny feet might believe they cannot do anything about it. This blog post will be beneficial, especially for those struggling with tiny feet who want to enlarge them.

A large and strong foot helps gain strength, especially during workouts and improves overall well-being. If you have small feet that are embarrassing at certain times or affect your body health in any way, there could be several reasons behind them.

Every person has a different anatomy, so you cannot expect your hands or feet to look like someone else. The trait majorly lies in your genetics. Your genes decide the appearance of your feet, the skin tone, and the shape of your toes. You may refer to your genetic code as the main factor in determining the shape and size of your healthy feet.

Here are some tips to keep your feet healthy.

As stated earlier, every person has inherited a different genetic code; people from different walks of life have different shapes of their hands and feet. You may consider the example of a sports person with big feet due to his involvement in physical activities compared to a doctor whose work mainly comprises sitting at his work desk. Since a sport requires more strength and better grip, athletes have enlarged hands and feet compared to others.

You can learn how sports boost physical and cognitive health.

It raises a valid point ‘Is it possible to enlarge your feet and hands?’

Well, it is possible to enlarge your feet and hands by practicing specific lifestyle changes and performing exercises that help your feet and hands look bigger.

How to Make Your Feet Bigger?


Since the bone structure determines the size of your feet and the shape of your toes, it is difficult for adults to make their bones grow, as upon reaching a certain age number, your bone stops growing anymore. It does not mean that you cannot do anything about it. Certain strength-gaining exercises can enhance the shape of your feet and make them appear larger than before.

Below, we’ll talk about some of the simplest and most effective exercises you can do to strengthen and enlarge your feet gradually.

But before getting into these exercises, remember that CONSISTENCY is the key, and these exercises only bring results if you practice them regularly.

1. Tennis Ball Roll

Starting with the simplest one, rolling the tennis ball beneath your feet does wonder if you keep doing it in a routine. Sit straight on a chair and place a tennis ball beneath your feet. Keep rolling it as it helps massage the bottom of your feet, eventually providing strength and support.

2. Practice Splaying your Toes

Toe Splay is a great thing to do even when in the office, sitting, or watching your favorite TV show. Toe Splaying is the practice of expanding your toes as wide as comfortable. It allows some space to your feet, and to take your toe splay to a level higher, you may consider tying a rubber band around the toes.

3. Toe Stand

Not only this exercise helps strengthen your ankles, but it also enhances the size of your feet. It can also help you achieve balance and improves mobility. Take a chair and stand behind it with your shoulders apart. Breathe in and out, and raise your body by standing on your toes. Go as high as you can comfortably. Stay in the position for a few seconds. Come back to your position and repeat it 10 to 15 times.

4. Walking Barefoot

This is a favorite activity for many, as many of us love to walk on the floor barefoot. Walking while barefoot provides a wonderful exercise and strengthens and stretches your feet and toes.

Walking in sand is harder on your body than walking on firm surfaces, so for better results, you may consider walking barefoot on the sand. This is highly soothing and beneficial as the pressure on the bottom of your feet massages it.

5. Perform Running Exercises

You must have observed that great sports players have large feet and legs. This is because their routine comprises a considerably higher level of running activities to achieve better stamina.

Numerous running exercises have helped with foot and leg growth in general. Your foot size will gradually increase if you include running activities in your daily exercises along with numerous other workout benefits.

Bottom Line

Your feet will be grateful if you perform these foot stretches and strengthening exercises daily. Not only will these treat aches and stiffness, but they also do wonders regarding foot enlargement. Be gentle on your feet, and take care of your feet. Don’t be harsh while practicing any of these.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will my feet grow any bigger?

No, your feet cannot grow from their original size, as these are some specific traits that are generally inherited and cannot be changed. However, a few exercises can help lengthen your bones by adding new ones within them.

Do feet get bigger with weight?

The size of a person’s feet is not necessarily dependent upon the individual’s weight. However, if a person is overweight, it can put the feet under stress, which results in the supportive tissues losing their strength and making structural changes in the feet that usually appears like the feet enlargement.

At what age do feet stop growing?

Usually, the feet stop growing a few years after puberty, but in some cases, and especially among girls, the size of the feet does not grow further after the age of 14, and in most boys, the feet stop growing after the age of 16.

Can your shoe size change?

The shoe size does not change once the feet stop growing. Unlike other body parts, the feet get wider and not necessarily larger, so it is not evident that the shoe size changes as the person ages.

How can I increase my foot size after 17 years?

It is not biologically possible to grow your feet size after age 16. There are a few exercises that you can perform to lengthen your bones through growth plates.

Does walking barefoot frequently make the feet grow bigger?

It is a common belief that walking barefoot significantly results in widening toes and spreading the entire foot. You may consider walking on sand patches to get wider feet to make it more effective.

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