How To Get Gum Out of Blanket | Step-by-Step Methods

How To Get Gum Out of Blanket

Method 1: Freeze the Gum

Step 1: place the blanket in the freezer in order to freeze the gum. To do so, fold the blanket in a way that the gum is facing the top. Place the folded blanket inside the freeze but ensure that the gum does not touch anything that it may stick to. Let it stay in the freezer until the gum solidifies. Alternatively, you can use ice cubes to freeze the gum instead of placing it inside the freezer.

place the blanker inside the freezer

Step 2: remove the hardened gum residue using a spatula or a butter knife, after removing most of it using your fingers. When doing so, be careful so that the fabric does not get damaged by the knife.

use a spatula or a butter knife to remove the gum

Step 3: to remove all the remaining residue, use a dry-cleaning solvent. Soak a sponge in the solvent and rub it over the area where the gum was. Keep rubbing it until all the stickiness of the gum ends. Alternatively, you may also use mineral spirits if you do not have a dry-cleaning spirit.

remove all the remaining gum using a dry-cleaning solvent

Method 2: Use Hot Vinegar or Lemon Juice

Step 1: Get a bowl and pour vinegar or fresh lemon juice inside. When using vinegar, make sure that it is hot. Dip the affected part of the blanket inside the solution and let the gum soak it. You may need to keep it inside the solution for a few hours or overnight.

hot vinegar or lemon juice to remove gum Remember to first try the hot vinegar or lemon juice on a small portion of the blanket before dipping it to ensure that the fabric does not get damaged by the strong solution.

Step 2: scrape off the gum using a butter knife, spatula, or brush. Once the gum is removed, wash the fabric.

remove the gum using a sharpen thing

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