How To Get Gum Out Of Carpet?

Gums are stubborn things especially when they stick on some surface. Either it sticks on hairs or carpets it causes frustration. There is a need for an immediate remedy to getting rid of gum from these surfaces. If you see the gum on the carpet and it is annoying you then no need to worry. We have few reliable methods so you can get rid of this without any difficulty and hassle. By using these few methods and steps you will able to make your surface clean and tidy again.

Let’s have a glance at the methods to get gum out of the carpet

1. Ice Method Is Reliable

get gum out of carpet using ice

One of the best ways to clear messy carpets is the use of ice. The cold temperature hardens the gum and allows it to leave the bond between the gum and carpet fabric. Thus you can remove it easily. The steps you can follow to easily peel gum from carpet surface includes

  • Take a cardboard and make a hole in the center the size of the gum. Place it on the gum. The cardboard will help in preventing the sides of carpets from being getting messy. 
  • Now take an ice cube and keep it in the plastic bag. So melted ice water will remain in the plastic bag and there will be no mess. 
  • Now start rubbing the give over the gum. Do this procedure till you feel the gum is hard and has left the surface
  • Now peel it out. If there is any residue left then use the detergent spray and sprinkle over the surface. This will help to remove the remains and help you provide a clear surface. 

Isn’t it a super easy and budget-friendly method? It will take hardly 5 to 7 minutes to remove the gum from the carpet.

2. Wd 40, Another Incredible Method

use wd 400 solution to get gum out of the carpet

Wd 40 is one of the best solutions to get rid of the gym from the carpet. The petroleum-based solution is efficient enough to remove the gum and residues without taking too much time. To use the solution effectively follow the procedure given below

  • Spray wd 40 properly on the gum. Make sure it wet it from all sides. 
  • Now leave for 10 to 15 minutes till it shows the results
  • Now take a towel and pick the gum 
  • Now use the detergent and clean the surface to retain back original condition of the carpet. It is a quick method to remove gum stains from the carpet. 

3. Use Of The Hairdryer

use hairdryer to get gum out of the carpet

Another super easy hack to remove the gum from the carpet is the use of a hairdryer. For this, you have to directly blow hot air on the gum. Make sure to keep the heat level moderator that it does not melt the carpet fiber. The hot air will dry the gum and easily leave the carpet. After that, you can remove the gu from the carpet and get a clear surface.

4. Use Of Grease

Another way to remove the gum from the carpet is the use of grease, oil, or tar. Although it creates some mess in the carpet but is efficient to remove the sticky substance from your carpet. Spray the oil or grease on the gum. Leave for few minutes and then use the scraper to scratch the gum. After that apply the baking soda to remove the grease or oil marks present on the carpet.

A quick tip: Make the boundary with masking tape or cardboard around the gum to prevent other portions of the carpet from getting greasy.

5. Peanut Butter Can Be A Good Remedy

Use peanut butter to remove gum from the carpet

Peanut butter is another oily substance that you can use for removing the gum from the carpet. Apply the butter on the gum and then with help of a finger scratch all gum from the carpet. Moreover, if you have a scraper or a sharp tool you can scratch it with it. After that use, the carpet spots cleaner to remove the mark left by the peanut butter.

6. Use Steam Cleaner

Use Steam Cleaner to remove gum from carpet

Although the above five methods are super easy and give you hassle-free solutions. But if you want a deep cleaning of your carpet along with the removal of gum then use the steam cleaner if you have. It generates the hot steam that automatically melts the gum and sucks it. In case if the succulent hole is tiny, you can scratch the gum and then apply the steam cleaner to remove the residue from the carpet.

These are all methods that will make gum removal super easy and make your surface clean. If you want to attain the proper cleaning then apply the carpet spot cleaner so there will be no residues of the gum.

Things To Remember While Cleaning Carpet

  • Don’t use too many solvents that may grease the surface around the gum. It will create more mess and you will not able to clear it easily. Be careful, apply some sheet around the gum. You can place plastic, cardboard, or any impermeable sheet to prevent penetration of grease, wd 40, butter, or oil on the sides of the carpet.
  • For using a hairdryer, keep the temperature moderate to prevent the melting of the carpet fibers.
  • Always use the solvents compatible with the carpet fibers. Different concentrations are available. You should use a mild concentrated carpet solution that will not harm the delicate fibers of the carpet.
  • Use the blunt knife or scraper to remove the residues or detach the gum from the carpet. It is because sharp blades or knives may tear the fiber and you may end with a hole in the carpet. So be careful and do scratching with care.

Use the blunt knife or scraper to remove gum from carpet

Final Thoughts

Cleaning carpet against the gum feels sometimes frustrating but it is a hassle-free procedure. You can use any of these methods with confidence and you will able to get rid of gum within 10 to 15 minutes. You don’t need to wait for hours rather 10 to 15 minutes are required to make your surface clean and tidy.

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