How to Get Rid of Sebaceous Glands on The Face?

How to Get Rid of Sebaceous Glands on The Face?
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Sebaceous Glands

Sebaceous glands are the small oil-producing gland. This fatty oily substance released by these glands is called sebum. Which is deposited to the hard follicles then brought to the surface of the skin. Sebaceous glands can either exist independently or connected with hair follicles. They are located all over the skin except on palms of our hands and soles of the feet.

The purpose of this oily substance on the skin is to protect the skin from the environment. But too much sebum can cause skin problems of which acne, oily skin, and scalp are the most common.

Sometimes the sebaceous glands can be damaged which can cause overproduction of sebum and results in blocked or enlarged sebaceous glands. Or the sebum can just be blocked under the skin resulting in skin bump.

Face without Sebaceous filaments
Face without Sebaceous filaments

Sebaceous hyperplasia

This is called sebaceous hyperplasia which translated to having small bumps or spots on the skin, in Latin. Currently, there is no permanent cure but some medications and home remedies can reduce the effect. Cosmetic procedures can remove them but there is no guarantee that they won’t appear again.

These bumps are harmless and can appear anywhere on the body at any age. But face and forehead are its favorite location, middle-aged and older people are its favorite prey. Look at detailed view background, treatment, medication, prevention, and other FAQs.



Some factors can increase the chances of sebaceous gland development and increased sebum production. These factors are; oily skin, frequent and long skin exposure to the sun, family history, immunosuppressant medication, and Muir-Torre genetic disorder.

If you don’t take care of this properly and on time chances are the condition can worsen.



The appearance of small and shiny indented bumps on the skin is a clear symptom. While it is difficult to separate it from acne. Just know that these bumps are small, cause on pain, and have little indented in the center with white or yellow edges.



Oily skin caused due to genetics and/or hormonal changes is very difficult to prevent. It might be tempting to cover the skin with makeup but that will only worsen the situation. Water-based makeup is a better option but wearing no make is the best.

Especially during workouts or going outdoors try not to wear any makeup and hair product. Whatever the case for your oily skin or increase sebum production you can do the following to prevent it.


·         Workout clothes

Wearing inappropriate workout clothes can also cause problems. For instance, if your workout clothes cause constant friction when you exercise or not wearing fresh and washed clothes etc. can be causing the problem. So, wear a fresh pair of workout clothes every day.

Not wearing proper workout clothes and not covering your skin properly while working under the sun can damage your skin. Cover your skin properly, apply sunblock, wear breathable and moisture-wicking clothes to protect yourself.


·         Skincare routine

A good skincare routine can lessen the production and clear your skin prevention oily skin and chances of bumps on the face and forehead. Washing your face regularly 3 to 5 times a day would help. Just make sure your face wash or soap is not too harsh.

Avoid oil-based products and the ones that cause itching. Do not keep your face covered with makeup. This can block the pores causing skin bumps.

portrait of beautiful woman model with fresh daily makeup and red lips and healthy skin


·         Go Light on the Makeup

Working out means sweating and wearing makeup or hair products can cause problems for the skin. So, don’t wear any when going for a workout. After exercise washes your face or dab with blotting paper to absorb excess oil.

Washing the face is preferred. You may apply light make up when going to work.

A lightweight BB cream and a little mascara with colored lip balm or light lipstick would give a more natural look. Again, absorb any excess oil or makeup from the face.


·         Hydrate your skin smartly

Whenever you wash the face it’s important to replace the moisture that was taken away. Even if the moisturizer was mild and light on skin frequent washed take it away.

The skin can send messages to the brain resulting in more oil. This will make the problem worse instead of solving it.

So, you should put on a non-comedogenic oil-free moisturizer. It would be better if the moisturizer has a matte finish. This is not just for the face to apply it to the body where necessary.

A beautiful girl with hydrated and fresh skin
A beautiful girl with hydrated and fresh skin

·         Taking showers

Taking prolonged and frequent hot water showers can take away natural oils and proteins making make the skin dry. Similarly using harsh soap, shampoo, etc. can add to this process. Keep the water lukewarm and don’t use harsh products.

Moisturize your skin with oil-free lotion and cream afterward but don’t use too much of it. Hygiene of your work and workout place could also be one of the reasons for the problem.


·         Diet

Diet can play an important role in making excess sebum and oily skin. Avoiding unsaturated fats and junk food will also help. Drinking plenty of water and a well-rounded healthy diet consisting of whole foods helps.



There is not yet any treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia as such. They are harmless but might become embarrassing or unpleasant. Cosmetic procedures can help you remove the bumps with few sessions or applications. The following are some other treatments.


·         Retinol

It’s a form of vitamin A that can help with the situation but requires a regular application for proper results. The bumps can return once you stop using it.


·         Facial peels

A facial peel contains certain chemicals thus it may cause irritation, redness, and sensitivity. Without proper application and aftercare, it can worsen the situation.


·         Laser therapy

It helps to remove the trapped sebum under the skin with a laser. There is no assurance the bumps won’t happen again or your skin won’t react to the treatment.


·         Cryo-therapy

Freezing the bump with nitrogen shots causes it to dry and drop off. The process can cause discoloration in the area and pain due to very low temperatures.


·         Electrocautery

Electric charge burns the bump and then skin recovers. Without proper care and treatment, it can cause pain and leave discolored marks.


·         Photodynamic therapy

Making bump cells sensitive then exposing to strong light kills the cells. It may cause redness, irritation, and peeling skin.


·         Surgery

Surgery is a last resort and can leave you with scars but prevent bumps from returning.


·         Blotting papers, medicated pads, and face masks

Blotting papers absorb the oil from your skin which can lessen the effect. But this is not a treatment for sebaceous hyperplasia. Cloth pads or medicated pads and face masks also help to treat the oil.

This can prevent the skin from getting bumps in the first place. Raw honey and oatmeal masks are few home remedies you can try. They contain natural antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.

A girl after regular skin care
A girl after regular skin care


The bottom line

Sebum is necessary for healthy skin. too much or too little can cause problems. There is surgery or other medical treatments that can lessen or maybe even remove it, but with side effects.

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