How to Keep Your Relationship Alive When Your Partner Is Far Away

How to Keep Your Relationship Alive When Your Partner Is Far Away
How to Keep Your Relationship Alive When Your Partner Is Far Away

Wondering How to Keep Your Relationship Alive When Your Partner Is Far Away; Long-distance relationships are often difficult to keep alive. Almost everyone experiences some sort of distancing from their significant others in their life. Even when you’re continents away, there’s no need for dread. You can keep the flame alive even when you’re miles away if you know how to do it.

Those who are new to this, bear with us because we are about to give you some valuable tips. Read on and find out how to strengthen and improve your long-distance relationships.

1. Remember to Stay In Touch; Relationship goals

Keeping in touch seems very logical, but not everyone in a long-distance relationship does it. You need to hear from your partner at least once a day and see how they’re doing. Probably the best time for this is the evening when both of you can unwind and tell each other about how you spent the day.

If you don’t think that this is enough, you can send short text messages throughout the day to say good morning, good night, what’s up, etc. Small things like that go a long way.

Don’t be shy and wait for your S.O. to text first. Even if you’re female, it’s completely fine to initiate conversations and let your partner know you’re thinking about them. Guys are more prone to forgetting to check up on their partners, so this is a little reminder for everyone.

2. Engage in Couple Activities for perfect relationship

In the modern world, long distance isn’t a big obstacle like it used to be. Thanks to the internet you can hear from your partner even from half a world away. You can also engage in various interesting activities online. A good example would be streaming movies or TV shows online while texting or talking to each other. You can download various social apps and use them together, or play some mobile or computer games.

Trust us, your boyfriend or husband will appreciate it a lot if you are willing to partake in their hobby such as gaming, sports, or even exercising. The list goes on, but you get the point. The guys should also take more interest in their partner’s hobbies. It’s healthy for a relationship to have at least one common spare time activity that you both enjoy.

Girl Talking To Partner Via Gadget
Girl Talking To Partner Via Gadget

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3. Visit When Possible

It’s important to meet up occasionally even if you’re far away from your partner. Even talking about the meeting, and making plans is good enough. It keeps you hopeful that you will see each other soon and motivates you to keep going. It’s easy to give up when life is difficult, and long-distance relationships are often broken up for such excuses. If you miss your partner, give them a visit unexpectedly. It will surely cheer them up since it’s a nice gesture. Sometimes you have to take initiative, but at other times your partner should do it because the weight of a relationship can’t lie on one’s shoulders.

4. Send Photos and Use Video Chat Spontaneously

We already touched on the importance of making frequent phone calls, but video calls are important as well. If you’re in a healthy relationship, obviously both of you want to see each other as much as possible. Some people dislike video chats, so they can send photos instead. Just seeing your loved one can brighten up your day.

Plus, you can read their facial expressions while talking if you use video, so you can see if they’re sad or under the weather. Then you can try and cheer them up with some jokes, funny videos, or even memes. Listening is really important too because it shows emotional support.

5. Have Patience for long lasting relationship

Patience is the key trait you need to keep your relationship going even in tough times of (physical) separation. In every long-distance relationship, one partner is always more patient about the physical distance. If you can, try to be that person, even when it’s tough.

As we said before, it’s easy to give up, but if you show strength, your partner will be more confident too. If one of you starts stressing about the relationship falling apart because of the distance, remember that it’s natural and try to keep your cool. Try to avoid falling out over the phone. If you argue, try to discuss it calmly and keep your wits, because it’s only temporary.

A gift in heart shape box on table
A gift in heart shape box on the table

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6. Send Gifts to Your Partner

If you want to show your affection to somebody, sending them gifts is a proven way of doing it. The choice of gift is entirely yours, but if you’re indecisive, here are some of our suggestions. The universal gifts can range from something simple like food to more impactful gifts like jewelry.

Again, it’s highly subjective so it’s best to decide on the gift yourself. Another great universal gift is flowers. You can get flower delivery anywhere, like flowers delivery in Sydney, somewhere else in Australia, or even overseas, you get the drift. Flowers smell great, look beautiful, and are a great show of affection.

7. Set an End Date to the Separation

This is also an incredibly important technique you should employ if your S.O. is far away. Talk to them and agree on and end date. If you know that you’re going to get together on a set date, or at least on an approximate date, the distance won’t be as big of a problem.

Try not to postpone this reunion too much, because it can take a toll on your relationship. We can’t give you the correct timing for this, because it’s personal and very subjective to every relationship. Remember that some couples stayed together even when separated for months or years.


Honesty is crucial for any relationship, so remember to keep things honest, even if the truth is not so pretty. Keep in touch with your partner, send them gifts, and follow the rest of our advice, and your long-distance relationship will be just fine. You both need to stay optimistic and know that you’ll reunite someday not so far away.

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