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How To Make a Winter Wedding Feel Warm?

How To Make a Winter Wedding Feel Warm

The winter season is just as good as any other to have a wedding and comes with its own perks and advantages that other seasons cannot offer. A winter wedding is popular because of the festive nature associated with the time of the year and a bigger range of options for booking venues and procuring the best rates for the entire event.

Plus, loads of themes are associated with the season that cannot be duplicated during the warmer months. For some people, a winter wedding can be even better than a summer wedding because of the natural sheen and sparkle. The following guidelines will assist you in making a winter wedding feel warm and inviting.

Cozy Winter Atmosphere

Cozy Winter Wedding Atmosphere

There are many ways to elevate a winter wedding and attain a cozy atmosphere that makes for an unforgettable moment. The first place to start is through great decoration that sets the scene for everyone invited. 

Before deciding on decorations, check out a few magazines for some ideas and get busy plotting and planning. Some options to consider include themed lights, candles, or even a more natural setting with pines and bundled wood for events outside or under a tent. The wedding invitations can also incorporate the holiday season if that is the direction you want to take with the big day. 

With red and green as the most popular colors during the season, sage green bridesmaid dresses would perfectly align with the holiday time. Caterers serve spicy beef chili as a side dish for food and beverages or perhaps incorporate hot cocoa, mulled wine, or premium winter whiskey at the reception. 

Winter Outfits

Winter Wedding Outfits

For the winter months, darker hues should be considered that fit with the event, plus fabrics that provide more warmth to protect against the elements. Depending on the formality of the wedding and the dress code involved, the best fabrics for the season include lace, satin, and possibly even velvet, so if you can find a dress or jacket in one of these options in long sleeves, then, by all means, go for it. 

A winter wedding may be about festivities, but it is also about being practically dressed, so this is not ideal for mini dresses or gowns that show as much skin. If you are a woman and want to wear something that is slightly more revealing, a shawl or wrap that can be draped over your ensemble will keep you in style and warm during the event. Of course, don’t forget to factor in length when choosing your outfit, as you will probably feel more comfortable and warmer with sleeves. 

Winter Color Palettes

Winter Color Palette

The winter months are synonymous with certain colors, and the color palette can be incorporated in a way that matches your skin tone and aesthetic. At some weddings, couples will choose a color scheme for guests to adhere to, and from there, you have the freedom to decide what looks the best on you within that color range.

There is a slew of popular colors to consider that go with the season and include the traditional red and green, but also navy blue, chocolate brown, maroon, and of course, black. More formal weddings may incorporate colors associated with the season like silver, copper, and gold, or metallic hues that stand out and make wedding days memorable.

Winter Weather

Weddings that are located outside during the winter season come with an additional set of risks and plans to have on file just in case. The rule of thumb for a winter wedding is to forewarn guests about the elements and the forecast on the actual date so that they can plan accordingly and not be underdressed. There should also be time set aside to counteract any delays due to poor weather and road conditions.

Regardless of Season

There are pros and cons to whatever season you decide to have a wedding in, but no matter which one you ultimately choose, the primary objective should be to ensure that it is inviting and memorable for all who attend.

From the outfits and decorations to the catering and reception afterward, how you execute each aspect determines how memorable the big day will be in the eyes of all that attended.

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