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How To Make Myself Vomit Fast and Easily

How To Make Myself Vomit Fast and Easily

Vomit, puke, barf, yak, heave, hurl, and many other names it has never been a soothing action. Even its sensation is very bad and is considered a symptom associated with various disorders or illnesses. Moreover, in this whole world, you will not find even a single person who loves to puke but you will find numerous who are not afraid of doing this regularly. A few people think that anticipation of vomiting is worse than actually throwing up.

But in case, you have ingested bad food, pills, or consumed too much alcohol then obviously you need to throw up as soon as possible. So, for your convenience, I jotted down a few methods that will surely help you.

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Ways to Induce Vomiting

Induce Vomiting Through Finger

Although it sounds disgusting, the finger technique is quite useful and effective in inducing vomiting. You can induce vomit by pushing your finger down your throat. If this action does not prove effective you can also throw up by pushing your finger at the back of the tongue.

This technique is effective as pushing a finger at the back of the tongue or down the throat will cause the gag reflex which ultimately prompts nausea or vomiting.

Using Warm Saltwater

Make yourself vomit using warm salt water

To throw yourself up you can take the assistance of warm saltwater. Add one teaspoon or two to a warm glass of water. Mix the solution and drink the whole glass in one gulp. This process will take 25-30 minutes to induce vomit but if you need to vomit fast you can use your fingers. Moreover, the reason behind its effectiveness is that it causes the sudden shift of electrolytes present in the body of an individual.

Using Toothbrush

use toothbrush to make yourself vomit

A toothbrush can also prove to be effective in inducing vomit. As it creates a gag reflex and makes you puke easily. For this, rub the toothbrush at the back of your tongue and see the magic. You will immediately throw up after following the above process.

Comfortable Position to Throw Up

The most comfortable position in which you can easily throw up without any discomfort is kneeling on your fours. And keep it in mind to take deep breathes before throwing up.

Signs You Are Growing to Throw Up

There a few red alerts that will give you a signal that sooner or later you will throw up. Situations include upset stomach, abdominal pain, rapid pulse, dizziness, sweating, dry mouth, or more saliva production.

When to Avoid Puking?

It is harmful to induce vomit on a regular basis. Stop throwing yourself up when it becomes your habit. Continuous and repetitive vomiting will disturb your eating pattern; upset your stomach, messes with your appetite, acid reflux, bulimia, dehydration, and many more.

Harmful Effects of Throwing Up

Inducing vomiting always leads to various disturbances in the body. Let’s discuss a few harmful effects of puking.

  • It can lead to dehydration
  • Mixing of stomach acid and poison (in case if you have swallowed) can cause serious damage
  • Aspiration
  • Chemical burn


In the short run, if the question piqued in your mind how to make myself vomit then read the above article, and in case of serious problem consult the doctor.

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