How to overcome emotional intimacy issues

overcoming fear of intimacy

Emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy are not the same. There is a connection between emotional intelligence, emotional intimacy, partner attachment, and communication.  Emotional Intelligence includes both passion and romance; it is also known to emphasize the emotional struggles someone may have with a partner.

Overview of Emotional Intimacy

A couple should feel connected to each other spiritually and emotionally. It is possible through admiration, hormones, and endorphins. Emotional intimacy may also be achieved through respect, having a good time, sharing memories, common interests, positive communication, and closeness to one another. Read here for more.

However, sometimes, they do not feel emotionally connected. It could be due to various reasons. Some of the common ones are listed below.

Causes of Fear of Intimacy

  • Childhood Trauma
  • Failed Relationships
  • Lack of Confidence or low Self-Esteem
  • Emotional, physical, psychological or sexual abuse

Dealing with emotional Intimacy Issues

If you feel distant from your partner, you may be having issues with intimacy. It can be attributed to one or a combination of the reasons listed above.  You can manage the problem following the tips below.

Know your history

Looking at your past is essential to observe your current or recent relationships. If you are no longer in a relationship, find out what was the problem. Examine every aspect and know what kept coming up, what pushed love away, and fights among others. Knowing these will make you understand how to relate in your nest relationship.

Ignore your inner critic

Do not listen to that voice that keeps telling you negative things such as you are not loved, he or she is only using you.  The little voice can make you feel vulnerable.  Ignore any negative thoughts that might creep into your mind.  Whenever you hear that found, find something positive to do to keep your mind engaged.

Get in touch with your feelings

Love is one of those emotions that affect all of us.  Love can deepen our ability for happiness, desire and vigour. There are two sides of a coin, and despite the good side of love, there is another side of love that you need to know. Love is capable of making someone to be vulnerable to pain and loss. By falling in love with someone new, love can remind us of past events that hurt us deeply. It is love that makes people existential to the realities of life.

Be open

Most people fear to be open and vulnerable.  Despite the challenges of lift most psychologists around the world encourage people to be smart and tough on the worries of life. To overcome the concerns of life, take vulnerability as a sign of strength and not weakness.

The process of becoming you involves taking action and following the principles of truth on relationships. Remember that it is up to you to change yourself if you want to feel more intimate and loved.  Source:

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