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How to Plop Straight Hair – Step-By-Step Guide

How to Plop Straight Hair

As they say, you always want what you cannot have. Those who have curly hair want them straight, and those who have straight hair love curls. If you don’t know about your hair type, here’s a guide about how to identify the exact nature of your hair and how to take good care of them. While curly hair may have been looked down upon earlier, today more and more people are embracing the beauty of natural curls. More so, even those people with straight hair now want to try curling them for once. That said, curling straight hair is no easy task especially if you are new to the process. It’s never too late to get started! If you want to plop your straight hair, we are here to help you out. Let’s learn how to plop your straight hair.

Hair Plopping; What is it?

Thanks to TikTok, hair plopping has taken the internet by storm today. But what do you really mean by hair plopping? Hair plopping is a method of drying the hair to keep the hair curls maintained. It uses slow and safe hair drying without using any heat to ensure that your natural curls are maintained. This is a great alternative to spending long hours taming wild hair curls. This method uses a microfiber towel or a t-shirt to remove extra water from your hair before diffusing or air-drying while keeping the curls set in place.

How to Plop Your Straight Hair

How to Plop Hair

Hair plopping can be a perfect change in your life if done correctly. Many people with straight hair have also used this plopping method to give their hair the most perfect curls. Using these instructions, you can easily achieve the best curly hair with ease.

1. Get yourself a cotton material long sleeve t-shirt. You may use a cotton handkerchief or a  jersey pillowcase if you don’t have a t-shirt. Basically, anything that is soft and big to hold your hair without getting them too dry, or too rough to make your hair frizzy.

2. The first step towards plopping actually starts while you’re in the shower, washing and then conditioning the hair.

3. Use shampoo to wash your hair and then apply the conditioner. Comb the hair in the shower while the conditioner is still on. After this, do not brush the hair again during this entire process so you can get the best results.

4. After this, set your freshly washed hair with any curl-friendly hair product that you prefer like an oil, curl cream or a leave-in conditioner. Using your fingers only, run these products through your hair calmly.

5. If you feel that your hair still has dripping water, squeeze them well to remove it using a t-shirt or soft cotton before plopping them. Plopping is a process used with damp hair and never wet hair.

6. Now find a flat surface, and place the t-shirt in a way that the sleeve-end is the nearest to you.

7. Next, carefully flip your head over, letting your hair come in contact with the middle part of the shirt. Pick the bottom edge of this shirt. Pull it to the back of your neck.

8. Now, to secure the shirt in a position take the shirt’s long sleeves and tie them at the back of your head using a knot to secure it.

9. Now tuck your extra hair in that may be popping out, ensuring that everything is secure and nicely tightened in the shirt.

10. Wait at least 20 minutes with your hair wrapped in the shirt in this manner. You can always wait a while longer for better results. Some people even choose to keep their hair wrapped overnight to dry them completely. Nevertheless, if your time is limited, you can keep them wrapped for a time frame of 20 to 30 minutes and then dry them off using other methods.

11. One such way is to use your hairdryer with the hair diffuser attachment. This attachment is very suitable because it spreads the hot air over a vast area to maintain the natural curls and also keep them frizz-free. If not, you can let your hair dry on its own without using any other hair drying tool.

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Benefits of Hair Plopping

People prefer plopping their hair because it offers plenty of benefits to the users. What do you think are the benefits of plopping your hair? Let us find out!

1. Using a cloth like a t-shirt for plopping hair reduces the time it may take for your hair to dry off.

2. If you use a t-shirt to plop your hair they are less likely to get frizzy.

3. With hair plopping your hair curl dimension is also improved, and your hair will get a natural wavy look.

4. Plopping hair improves the volume of thin, fine hair by lifting the tresses at the very roots.

5. Hair plopping is a natural method to give your hair those beautiful curls, and in no way will it ever damage your hair.

6. Hair plopping requires less time and effort for hair curling than do other methods. You can save your time and effort using this hair plopping method to give your hair the natural curls they need.

Your Takeaway!

Who says plopping isn’t for straight hair? Plopping is a method for curling your hair naturally that works equally well with straight hair as much as they do with curly hair. Even if you have straight hair, plopping can give them a naturally wavy or curly texture. Sometimes, your straight hair may not be as perfectly curled as the actual curled ones, but this method is sure to give your hair a great, look. While the process seems a little hard to get used to, the results, we assure you, are worth these efforts! If you are still thinking about curling your straight hair, go ahead with this method without a second thought. Being a very natural method, it does not damage your hair in any way, even if the results don’t turn out the way you wanted them to be. Whether or not they will become curly as you want them to, there’s only one way to find out; give it a shot.

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