How to Plop Wavy Hair?

Plop Your Wavy Hair

Do you want to give definition to your natural waves and get beautiful curls?

Plop is the right thing to get gorgeous wavy hair without using any heating tool. It also works perfectly with non-curly hair to avoid flatten roots.

If you have wavy hair but never try this technique, you are missing one of the finest working methods to get a good hair day.

Plopping Vs MicroPlopping

Plopping is a natural way to maintain curls’ patterns and lock hair moisture to avoid frizziness. In normal plopping, you pile up hair on your head with a soft fabric. On the other hand, Micro plopping has a different procedure than regular plopping but has the same results and benefits. For example, you don’t need to pile up the hair on your head and tie them. Instead, it gives tight curls and waves.

This is one of the viral hacks to get bouncy and healthy hair. When you plop hair, it saves them from stretching out as the primary purpose is to conserve natural hair texture.
If you want to try these techniques to get wavy hair, you don’t need specific tools and products. You can plop hair with T-shirt, a soft rectangular fabric, or a large pillowcase.

Plop Hair with Towel Vs T-Shirt

People often wonder why hairstylists avoid using traditional towels and encourage plop hair with t-shirts or microfiber towels. There are many valid reasons like a towel absorbs extra moisture and results in frizzy hair. Moreover, its fibers damage the tip of the hair. If you are making the same mistakes, then stop it now. Instead, use a microfiber towel or a t-shirt. Here I am sharing a step-by-step tutorial so you can learn quickly.

How to Plop Hair?

Step 1

Take a shower and don’t stretch hair; otherwise, it can affect the natural curl shape. Gently apply any curly hair product like a leave-in conditioner or gel and remove excess water by pressing any soft fabric. Never rub your hair to get quick-dry; it damages hair and produces frizziness.

Step 2

Place fabric on a flat surface like on a chair or a bed. If you are using a t-shirt, lay it down in a way that the neck part faces you.

Step 3

Now slowly bend on it and keep the tip of your hair in the center. Put all your hair on it and cover it with another end.

How to do Hair plopping?

Step 4

Tie the bottom of the shirt around your neck to keep hair secure. Now tie it with sleeves and make sure that it is tight enough to stay.

Step 5

Keep it for 15-20 minutes for better results. If your hair dried out so quickly, then use this technique for a shorter time.

The time limit depends on your hair type, like thick, long, short, or thin. So you can pick the best timing by practicing it.

How to Do Micro Plop?

You need the same things in this technique, including a hair product and a microfiber towel or a t-shirt. To get waves, scrunch a portion of your hair towards roots. Do this for all hair until water stops dripping. It is more simple than regular plopping because you don’t need to wait so long.

How to Do Micro Plop?

How Long Should I Plop for Wavy Hair?

As I mentioned, plop time depends on your hair type. But also you can choose it according to your mood. For example, it works for 10-15 minutes, but some people like to keep it overnight, and they wake up with frizz-free curly hair. However, overnight wet hair causes fungal infection and a damaged scalp for few people. 

If you try it for less than 5 minutes, it is useless. Because in plop, your hair must be dry enough that water is not dripping. 

The best timing for curly hair is 15-30 minutes and reduces the time for wavy hair. 

You may get details from: How Long Should I Plop my Hair? | Complete Guide to Plop Hair

Importance of Hair Products to Plop Wavy Hair

Often people ask this question whether successful plopping depends on the use of hair products or not. The answer is simple, and hair products are not essential for plopping. If you are using any hair product, keep using it; if not, it is not necessary.

Usually, on the internet, influencers use many products like leave-in conditioners, serums, hair gels etc., but without any doubt, it enhances plopping results.

Benefits of Plop Hair

Frizz-free Hair

When you use a soft t-shirt to plop wavy hair, it soaks up extra water while retaining moisture. Use of towel and air drying removes moistures. In addition, plop hair with a T-shirt makes your hair frizz-free and smooth.

Absorb Extra Product

After the shower, you apply hair products, and sometimes you use excess hair products. During plop, t-shirts absorb extra products, and your hair does not look crunchy; instead, it makes it look shiny and perfect.

Benefits of Hair Plopping

Lifted Roots

When you scrunch your hair, either curly or wavy, it lifts your hair roots. Usually, when you dry hair in natural air, the water weighs down hair, especially your roots, and produces a flattering effect. So, when you dry them on top of your head against gravity, it naturally lifts your hair roots.

Reduce Damage

When you plop curly hair, you never rub it or use any heating tool. As a result, it reduces split ends and keeps your hair healthy.

Are There Any Cons of Plopping?

Along with so many benefits, plopping also has cons. So if you are going to try it, you must know about the cons.

  • It is a time-consuming process, which means a lot of patience is required
  • If you are new, it can take time to become a pro in it.
  • Due to the piling of hair on top of the head, it collects extra product on roots which causes excess oil production. 

Plopping is the best way to keep hair in style without any damage and frizz. Curly hair girls love this technique because of the easy method and so many benefits. Try this now to give your hair a perfect hairstyle and some extra care.

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