How to Prepare Your Pets When You are Relocating

tips for relocating pets

It is a shame, but pets, especially dogs and the smaller kind of pets, are left to the last minute when it comes to preparing them for any home move. It is important to understand that all pets feel stress and can pick up on vibes given off by their human companions.

If possible, you may find it beneficial to see if they can go for a sleepover with friends or relatives the night before and after the move so that when they reach your new home, it is already filled with the smells and items from the old house. However, if this is not possible either due to not having anyone to look after your precious pet or due to you relocating just too far away, then some other ideas may be worth looking into.

Keep Them Calm

Moving or relocating can be very stressful for all concerned, including pets, and yes, even horses can pick up on vibes from their owners, especially when there is stress involved. The last thing that you want is for your beloved pet, whether it is a horse, cat, dog, or for that matter any other kind, to get worried, anxious or stressed as this is when there can be issues such as bad behavior, illnesses and or depressive behavior sparked.

Your animals need to keep the run-up to moving and the day of moving as normal as possible. If you are moving nearby, you may find that it helps your dog or horse if you take it for walks around the area that will soon be their new home. This will install some familiarity within the area.

Professional Movers

If you are moving a significant distance from the old home or plot of land, you may not be able to do this alone. So, the next best step is to get a dependable professional pet transporter such as Shiply, to not only move them on the day but to take them to various regular locations like their favorite walking area where you can meet them, take them for their exercise and then be taken back home, before the removal date. This way, your horse or dog will be used to that form of transport and associate it with good things and not be so stressed about the trip.

Setting Up Their New Home

You must make sure that your pet’s new home is all set up and ready for them as quickly as possible. You can do this before the move for horses, which will probably benefit from being isolated for the first few weeks in a new paddock to get used to the other residents and their location.

But when it comes to dogs and cats, you will have to make sure that you pack their items in an easily accessible place so that they can be settled in even before the rest of the household finds their footings. Also, don’t directly move them because it can be a stressful situation, so prepare them before relocating by following the above-given ideas.

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