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How To Select Kids’ Trainers They’ll Want To Wear

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Buying kids’ trainers can sometimes be overwhelming. There are dozens of choices that differ in color and style. Some kids look for their favorite characters and want them to be on their shoes. Others are picky and may not like what you pick out. Another factor to consider is the growth spurt that seems to occur right after purchasing shoes for your kids. 

It doesn’t have to be such a challenge, though. What’s vital is to select high-quality kids’ trainers to ensure they have healthy feet. Below are some tips to help you select kids’ trainers that they surely want to wear

1. Choose A Shoe Storekids shoe store

Shops for kids trainers are available online and in physical stores. It is best to visit a physical store to properly choose the right trainer. Their staff would know how to help you find the right fit for your child. 

These stores can also understand what your sports medicine specialist or coach recommends. They’ll be more likely to find one suitable to the specialists’ recommendation, so you wouldn’t have to worry about looking on your own. 

2. Measure Your Child’s Feet At Homemeasure your child feet

When you have a shoe store in mind, it’s also necessary to know the measurement of their feet before going to the store. You can do this in many ways. One is estimating the fit by letting your child try a current pair of shoes.

Another is to use a chart. Here, you’ll use a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Place the paper on the floor and let your child step on it. You’ll then trace their feet to illustrate where their longest toe and their heel rests. Next is to know the distance between the two using a ruler. You should do this on both feet since one may be longer than the other. Ensure that their toes aren’t curled when they press it on the paper. And it’d be better to do this at night since the feet slightly expand throughout the day. 

Measuring should also include your kids’ arch height to know which kind of support is for them. Do this by placing their foot in a shallow pan of water. Press their sole against a piece of cardboard and take a photograph of the imprint. While you may have a prominent curve along the arch, your kids have neutral arches. This means they can comfortably wear trainers that have more flexibility.

On the other hand, they have flat feet or low arches if they lack a curve in the middle. This means they run or walk with their feet rolling inward. Lastly, you should look for trainers with an extra cushion if their footprint toes, foot ball, and heels have little in between since they’re high arches. 


3. Allow Them To ChooseAlow them to chose

Since you’ve already done the basics, involve your kids in the buying process. They have their favorite style, fashion, and color, so allowing them to select the trainers’ design will make them want to wear them. 

It wouldn’t hurt to let them choose as long as you explain their limits, such as budget, size, etc. If they want a design that doesn’t fit what support they need, make them understand its importance. Show them other alternatives so they won’t feel declined. 

This is an advantage of shopping in online stores if you don’t have time to shop in physical stores. Here, you can do it at home while resting, sitting down, without the hassle of going around the store. 

4. Focus More On Function That Stylemore focus on functions then style

As mentioned, children have different support needs. Take note of this when choosing so you can pick ones that would make them more comfortable. Since trainers are meant for physical activities, comfort while moving should be your priority. 

Depending on where they’ll be using the trainers, you should also consider the soles. If they need more bending, go for ones with soft soles as these trainers have little control of foot motion and offer little support. If they need better support, then hard soles should be the option. But if your kids will need more help to reduce the risk of falls and increase slip resistance, go for trainers with rubber soles. 

In addition, go for materials that have better airflow. Your kids’ feet will sweat more, so they need trainers with breathable fabrics such as mesh, canvas, or leather. 


Kids sometimes don’t like to wear trainers you’ve bought for them. One may be because they don’t find it appealing or comfortable. Doing the tips above will help you prevent such a scenario. Give them the power to choose while ensuring that they’ll wear comfortable trainers.

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