How to Stay Fit in this Pandemic?

How to Stay Fit in this Pandemic?

We never thought how covid19 will change many of our lives and affect daily routines. The first six months when the first wave hit the world, it made us avoid exposure and we stayed at home.

Isolation from the world and staying at home made us eat snacks high in sodium and junk food that brings instant gratification for our taste buds than nutrient-based whole food that can be less delicious.

Everything that is good in life does not come with fake and harmful intentions. In the second wave, six more months were spent almost the same way. This was a challenge for most of us in times of social distance and self-isolation.

Now before the third wave hits, a few months have been graced to us where we humans are not caged anymore, restaurants, gyms, places of entertainment are open for now. As a fitness mutant, I would like to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and share it with you guys because we are soon going to be in the house again.

Here are some ways to motivate you:

Turn your Active Mode On

The gyms are open for now, but they will close as the government will shut everything down once the third wave hits.

Women Exercise
However, there is a safe place to get physical activity, and that is a home sweet home.

Aerobics is safe to perform at home, push-ups, sit-ups, skipping, jumping jacks and many other exercises are a great way to stay active in the pandemic.

Don’t Get Carried Away, Adequate Sleep is a Must

A good night’s sleep is a requirement for all types of body and for overall health. According to a medical research agency, immune-way activation adjusts sleep, and sleep in turn affects the natural and adaptive hand of the body’s defense system.

Take Adequate Sleep

Therefore, we need sleep for good health and optimum performance as it depends on the individual. Experts have recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep for an individual starting from age 18 to 60 per night.

Keep Track of What you are Consuming

To eat food that is beneficial for health as it has nutrients and greens, you need self-discipline, as we often do emotional eating due to stress which is related to rigorous changes that are happening around us for covid19, and how it is acting on our life is assertive.

Foods that we need to eat or start trying at least are leafy greens, oranges, pumpkins, tomatoes, and even bloomed herbs that are filled with vitamins, fiber, and minerals. 

Eat Healthy During Pandemic

Eating healthy instead of processed food might be no fun, but for long-term health, these are the ones that will boost you. Maintain the diet chart prescribed by your doctor for your pregnancy.

Worship Yourself

You will have a lot of time in your hands for yourself. Use it properly, take care of yourself. Read books, do what makes you happy even in the time of covid where nothing seems fine. 

From skincare to decorating the house can make you feel that you have work instead of just roaming in the house. Start meditating, as it is going to calm your continuous fickle mind.

 Relax and spend quality time with your family often. Watch movies and review them, this will help you think and not totally be blunt. Personal care always has and will promote overall wellness.

Be Strict with your Healthcare Maintenance

If you have any medicines that you take on a daily basis for any condition, prescribed by your doctor, make sure you are disciplined in it.

Chronic issues with your body like hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc, must be in check by taking medications as prescribed. Take vitamins for a pandemic.

Make sure you can reach your medical team if you need them suddenly. Due to covid, there is another option called telehealth solution, where people with the illness can speak to a health provider on conditions unrelated to covid19.

Face your Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety among us have grown a lot due to covid. It’s quite normal for us to be depressed and frustrated because of daily news of death rates growing higher, in the third wave hope there will be fewer infected people.

Even when you know that you can’t really do anything about the situation that has occurred, try to keep your mind calm. Do meditation as it is the only way to relieve stress.

Face Stress and Anxiety

Go out for a jog at night to clear your head when people are not around much. Take your medicines related to nerves as prescribed by your psychiatrist. Try to maintain a calm and cool ambiance inside the house as it is going to be your destination for the next 6 months.

Don’t Lose the Thread

Don’t stay all alone at home, talk to your friends, relatives over the phone or video call, it will take a load off of your chest.

Stay Home

People who don’t have any siblings might find it hard to cope with loneliness, in that case, talk to your neighbours from your balcony.

People who have siblings but live away from where you are can play indoor games with each other over a video call. A virtual dinner with your loved ones is also a good idea, talk about everything like you used to when things were happier.

One More Time

The article above is to stay active during the pandemic, it focuses on health and wellness. Keep in mind that eating nutritious food, taking care of yourself, making peace with mental health is what make us resilient.

It isn’t a cure and neither it gives any surety of not getting infected by a coronavirus

Soon it is going to be faced by the population for the third time. Maintain social distance, cover your face every time you step into the house or anyone who visits you. Sanitize your hand frequently, even the errands.

Changing bed sheets often take a shower every day, with lukewarm water. In this way, we will adapt to the changes, eventually.

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