How to Stay Healthy While Playing Minecraft

Are You looking for something refreshing, then i would like to tell you that you can stay healthy while playing minecraft. If you’re like me, then you’re the type of parent who wants their child to enjoy all aspects of life and be free to pursue any sort of challenges or activities they like, while staying fit and active.

Stay Healthy While Playing Minecraft; Game Description:

My son Anderson loves playing Minecraft. He’s a really big fan of it, has plenty of posters, toys and Lego creations in his room. I think it’s a really sweet game, and provides a huge world of imagination for a kid to explore.

But unfortunately for us, he plays online with some friends on his Minecraft Server on our laptop here at home and is always sitting down, hunched over, which really bothers me as he grows.

So after a few meetings with our family doctor and a local fitness expert, we have created a few great ways to keep him active and fit while he plays Minecraft for long periods of time.

Drink plenty of water:

Many times when we sit still in places for a long time, lactic acid builds up around our joints, making us stiff and less likely to get up. To help, have your child drink plenty of water while playing Minecraft, and the added benefit is that they’ll have to get up at least a little more often to go to the bathroom! Plus!!

 Stretch Every Half Hour:

Our fitness expert recommended Anderson stretch every half hour. They mentioned that in many office settings they recommend every hour, but with Anderson still young and growing, it’s important to increase the amount of activity per hour as much as we can.

Make sure the child stands up, stretches their arms out, touches toes, and potentially a few jumping jacks to get the blood flowing.

Snack on healthy foods:

Snacks like apples, carrots and bananas are great for recovery after a workout, and can provide a great boost of natural energy for your child, giving them additional focus while playing, and extra energy when it’s time to stretch and get up.

Peanuts, almonds, and walnuts are also great sources of natural protein and provide a nice crunch while wandering through those dense Minecraft forests.

 Keep the lights on:

Many kids like to immerse themselves in the world of Minecraft, and often times they end up playing on their Minecraft server in a dark room, staring at a bright computer screen.

This can be problematic for the child, and it’s best to have at least 40-50% of the room illuminated while playing games for long periods of time, to reduce strain on eyes and keep them from having headaches or neck aches.

Finally, all of these methods revolve around one thing: Activity. If your child wants to play video games like Minecraft that’s fine, but be sure they do it in a safe way that won’t negatively affect their day, week or rest of their life.

Teach your child to take care of their body no matter what they are doing, and you’ll find that the survival aspects of Minecraft begin to make sense to them, no matter their age!


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