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How to Steam Your Hair for a Natural Look, Is it Good?

Hair Steaming is the process of allowing better absorption of moisture from your scalp to your hair follicles. Our hair, of course, is our crowning glory. Still, with everyday exposure to sun and pollution, we often experience dry hair problems—causing vulnerability to breakage, hair fall, damaged hair, and many other hair problems. Hair steaming helps your hair to penetrate conditioner and natural oil for better moisture and health.

How Do We Steam Hair – The Process

Using a hair steamer is not as scary as it sounds. Honestly, it is just a simple process. The only difference you may notice will be based on the hair steamer that you use.

  1. Washing: The first step will always be preparing your hair by washing away any built-up dirt to absorb better products you will use when moving on to the next level. A freshly cleansed hair serves as a base for hair steaming. So it’s very important that you wash your hair deeply and properly so, there is no dirt or on your hair.a girl washing her hair
  2. Drying: After washing to remove dirt, you need to pat dry your hair by using microfiber towels or a clean white T-shirt. When drying your hair, keep in mind that wet hair is fragile to hair breakage when being rub harshly. So, it might be better to avoid combing in this process. And comb when they’re dry to their natural state.A girl pat drying her hair with a towel
  3. Conditioning: The third step is to apply your chosen deep conditioner or hair treatment generously.a girl conditioning her hair
  4. Steaming: We have different types of hair steamers that include tabletop steamers, handheld steamers, and electric cap steamers. If you are using a tabletop steamer, the process is pretty straightforward, sit under the hair steamer and wait. If you own a handheld steamer, fill it with distilled water, and it is ready for use. If no hair steamers are available on hand, using shower caps is also the right choice.woman having hair steaming with steaming cap

Is Steaming Your Hair Good?

If you feel like just using shampoo and conditioner isn’t enough, you can try doing hair steaming. You can try with a hair steamer to rejuvenate dead hair follicles. Steaming helps to open pores on our scalp that will be an excellent benefit to proper blood circulation and to promote hair growth and health.

Benefits of Steaming Your Hair

Enhanced Moisture

a girl with well moisturized hair

Hair steaming will enhance your scalp’s natural way of retaining moisture. It will be easier for your cuticle layer to infuse hair products from your hair roots to ends for good reasons. 

This helps to absorb deep hair conditioning treatments better, allowing you to enjoy what those products promised. If you are having trouble managing your hair, it will be easier to detangle hair strands with improved moisture.

Improve Scalp Health

girl showing her scalp

When steaming takes place, this opens clogged pores on the scalp. Better blood circulation in the head will allow cells’ production to happen appropriately, which results in a healthy scalp and hence hair. 

Steaming also helps with removing dead skin cells on top of our heads. Then dead cells fill our scalp, dandruff and dryness usually happen. Frequent hair steaming gets rid of built-up dirt and residue to let the hair grown from the roots underneath.

Hair Elasticity

girl holding her hair upwards

When enough moisture was given to your scalp and hair strands, hairstyles last much longer without inflicting too much damage and aftermath issues. Even without hairstyling, your hair will be visibly bouncy and healthy that look and feel good.

Helps with Hair Growth and Damage Repair

Before and after hair steaming

A well-moisturized hair promotes a better flow of blood in your scalp. Therefore natural hair oils that help the scalp with growth increase smoothly. And with better blood flow, repair of damaged hair also takes place.


How Often Should You Steam Your Hair?

When your hair is prone to dryness and damage, and you think it requires hair boosters now to replenish moisture and repair damage, you can steam your hair without any hesitation. Ideally, every two weeks can be a proper rotation of the hair steaming process. Remember, too much is not right, you may end up damaging your hair even more if you do it quite often.


While we’re at it, we would like to give our best to our bodies. We would want to do things that our body will thank us later. Aside from skincare and body products, your hair is, of course, important. Who knows, steaming your hair today will give you the best results tomorrow.

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