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How To Wrap Hair In T-Shirt?

how to wrap your hair in a t-shirt

Wrapping curly hair in a T-shirt to control frizz and to prevent the curls is called popping. This technique normally works well for having natural and well-defined curls without using any curlers or iron. For popping your hair, you first need to wash them with a shampoo and then apply some conditioner to provide additional moisture to your hair. While you are trying this method, make sure your hair is wet. You would need a t-shirt to properly wrap your hair to have well defined neat curls. 

Below mentioned is the step by step procedure of how to wrap your hair in a t-shirt:

1- Lay a T-shirt closest to you

Take a spare t-shirt with sleeves and lay it. Make sure to keep the sleeves nearest to you. You can also try this technique with a microfiber towel. Spread the t-shirt over the bed to wrap wet hair in the t-shirt. Make sure that the t-shirt is large enough so that you can tie it completely around your head. A full-sleeved t-shirt works best for this purpose. Flip your hair by bending over the t-shirt. 

2- Lower the curls on a t-shirt 

Lower the curls over your T-shirt in a way that they fall in the center of the t-shirt. Lower your head as much as you can to touch the head’s crown on the center of the t-shirt. Don’t use your hands while making your hair fall on the t-shirt, make them fall naturally to provide a natural look later on. In case you are using a towel, follow the same steps. 

3- Pull top section over the crown of your head

Once all your hair is over the t-shirt, pick the top section of the shirt and put it over the backside of your head. Pull the t-shirt until it’s flat and reaches the back of your neck. 

How to wrap hair in t-shirt?

4- Knot together the sleeves

Hold the sleeves together. Take the left sleeve to your left hand and the right sleeve in your right hand. Bring over the sleeves together on the backside of your head near the neck and tie them forming a knot. Make sure to keep the knot tight so that the t-shirt may not loosen. If your t-shirt has long sleeves, you first tie the knot on the backside and then take it to the front and secure it with another knot. You can also similarly tie the towel by tying the two long ends together into a knot. However, the towel can be hard to tie a knot so you can use hair clips to fix the towel in its place. 

5- Secure loose parts if any

Fold the end of the sleeves under the t-shirt so that the t-shirt remains fixed and no hair comes out of it. If you are using a towel, tie it tightly as well. You can also use hair clips over the t-shirt other than the knots to make sure that there remain no loose parts. 

How to wrap hair in t-shirt?

6- Dry your hair completely 

It’s better to do plopping in the night and let your hair rest over the night. But if you are doing it during the day, make sure to keep the t-shirt over the hair until it is completely dried. Thick hair normally takes 5 to 6 hours to dry completely. If you are doing popping overnight, tie the knots tightly so that it doesn’t open while you are sleeping. Short hair or thin hair takes less time to dry than thick and long hair. If you are using hair clips, make sure to position them in a way that they don’t disturb you or hurt your head while sleeping. 

7- Uncover the head 

Once your hair is dried completely, untie the knots of the t-shirt, and in case of the towel, untwist it. Use your fingers to open the curls or you can also use a comb. Fingers work better to provide a natural look to your hair. If some hair is left uncurled, you can also use a curling iron for it. You can also use a heat protectant before using an iron on your hair to prevent damage. Using fingers is much better than using a brush as they may spoil the natural look of the curls. This technique isn’t especially for curls rather you can wrap your hair in a t-shirt so that it doesn’t dry weird overnight. 

How to wrap hair in t-shirt?

What are the Benefit of Wrapping Hair in T-shirt?

  •  Shortens the drying time of hair
  •  Soak up moisture
  •  Prevents Frizz

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