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5 Important Food Habits to Follow If You Have Braces

Important Food Habits to Follow If You Have Braces

One can only wish they have the perfect smile with perfectly straight teeth because this isn’t always the case. Most dental concerns like bite issues, overcrowding, underbites, and overbites are widespread. That’s mainly why almost four million Americans wear braces. Braces have been used to achieve that perfect smile for quite a while now. Nevertheless, you will need to follow certain eating habits to get the most from this dental treatment without damage or issues. Here are five essential food habits to follow if you want to achieve your dream smile!

1. Say No to Hard Substances and Sugary Foods

Say No to Hard Substances and Sugary Foods

You’d want to avoid hard and sugary foods when you have braces because they can collect on the brackets, braces, and in between your teeth. The dentist may advise you to avoid consuming hard foods like popcorn kernels when you have braces. Moreover, sugary foods are also a big no with braces. Sugars can get stuck on the braces and teeth and cause plague. So try removing hard and sugary foods from your diet till your treatment is ongoing.

2. Take Smaller Food Bites

Take Smaller Food Bites

Another thing to take care of when you have braces is to avoid biting into vegetables, fruits, and meats. Cut foods into smaller bites. This helps to limit the chewing and biting that your teeth have to do. With smaller bites, you will also be able to manage braces’ pain better. Chewing hard foods can cause damage to the braces, and you can avoid it by taking smaller bites of food.

3. Brush and Floss After Meals and Snacks

Brush and Floss After Meals and Snacks

Always clean your braces by brushing and flossing after every meal. This way, food remains will be removed from the teeth and braces. Flossing can help reach the brush’s food particles alone cannot reach. To keep the teeth healthy between and after your dental treatment, you need to practice good oral hygiene. So, make sure to floss and brush regularly.

4. Consume the Right Foods

Consume the Right Foods

When you have braces, you need to take care of what you eat. Try to avoid crunchy and hard foods like hard fruits, raw vegetables, nuts, and candy as they can damage the brackets are wires of your braces. Moreover, tough foods like beef jerky can also loosen the braces. Make sure to intake the right foods when you have braces.

5. Leave Chewing Habits

Leave Chewing Habits

Some bad habits like chewing on objects and nail-biting can harm your braces. These habits may damage the teeth, making them crooked again. Nail-biting can place extra press on the tooth and roots, causing them to move from their place. If you have a habit of nail-biting, you may wear braces longer than the usual time.

The Verdict

Braces can help improve the overall look of your teeth. But it is essential to maintain healthy food habits to avoid the risk of damage to the teeth and braces. Bad food habits can also delay the time for braces unnecessarily, so make sure to ask your dentist about the food habits to follow. It’s also worth noting that before getting braces, it’s best to replace any missing teeth to get the best effect out of the braces. You can check out dental implants in Chesapeake VA to get started.

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