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Urinary tract infection is a serious infection which causes contamination in urethra, bladder, ureters or kidneys. There are four urinary tract from where urine passes through our body.

Normally kidneys flush urine through two ureters into our bladder. Bladder contains the urine from the kidney and it passes through the urethra, there is this tube that contains the urine in the bladder which is present outside of the body, if any part of this system will get infected, results in a Urinary tract infection.

A Urinary tract infection is a very serious infection that can grow into the lower abdomen and can cause problem in reproduction in human bodies and should be treated timely before it gets worst.


Normal pee is aseptic, when bacteria enter into the urine an infection can occur. A Urinary tract infection will start when urine leaves the body from the anus. Bacteria enter the urinary tract due to the process of urinating. Once it gets inside the urinary tract, the bacteria can make its way up into the bladder and a Urinary tract infection starts.


The bacteria E. Coli which is usually found in Urinary tract Infection. According to research the anus causes 90% of Urinary tract Infections. The remaining 10% of Urinary tract infections are habitually caused by pneumonia

Luckily, E. Coli bacteria caused Urinary tract infection can be treated quickly and effectively with a natural way called D-mannose.


The most common way the bacteria makes its way from about the rectum to the urinary system.

Females have shorter urethra making them more chances Urinary tract infections.


The bacteria can easily travel to the lower abdomen and then into the bladder where it can grow and cause painful infection. If action is not taken on time the infection can reach to the kidney.

Urinating the bladder regularly can clean the bacteria out of the urethra so it cannot make its way into the bladder and causes any intense damage.


It usually happens when the bacteria make its way from the bladder to the kidneys which can cause a kidney infection, at this point you will have to take medical need to see a doctor. In this situation, antibiotics would be required and potentially hospitalization.


A minor Urinary tract infection can turn out to be a serious blood or kidney infection so it should be taken in serious consideration without any delay consult a doctor or take antibiotics as prescribed the doctor to control the infection. The best way to get rid of the infection and to relieve symptoms like burning, pain and an urgent need to pee is to take antibiotics. These medications helps to kill the bacteria that caused the Urinary tract infection it is very important to take the medications on time so that one should get relieve and feel relaxed.

Also drinking cranberry juice helps to treat Urinary tract infection it enhances the immune system and your urinary tract.

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