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Jacintha Darlene Gardner Biography And Net Worth

Jacintha Darlene Gardner Biography And Net Worth

Jacintha Darlene is the daughter of Chris Gardner from his second wife. She was born on October 5th, 1985. Her mother’s name is Jackie Medina. She was born in LA, California, USA. Chris Gardner also has a child named Christopher Jarret Medina. He and Christopher have a good relationship.

Jacintha is known for her millionaire dad. Her mom Jackie Medina was a dental school student. Jacintha was born when their parents were having an affair. Chris Gardner tried to become a top student at DeanWitterReynolds. He showed up at work early and stayed late every day, relentlessly making decisions for imminent clients, with his goal being 200 calls per day.

Jackie had an affair with Gardner before giving birth to Jacinta. She returned to get her child after four months, but she couldn’t take care of them financially. So, Gardner took care of them. He earned some money by working as a handyman.

Gardner’s child was needy for more than a year while working as an engineer. He struggled to find a place to stay for his child. Somehow, he managed to find a place to live. Chris Gardner is a businessman who created a successful company. He is also an author and a single father. He owns assets of a total of seventy million dollars. He wrote a book called |The Pursuit of Happiness.

Family Background

Family Background

Jacintha Darlene Gardener is the daughter of Chris Gardner and Jackie Medina. She was born in 1985. Chris Gardner is a famous businessman with a net worth of $70 million. Chris has author skills and a storytelling approach, and he has written many valuable stories for his readers, like “The Pursuit of Happyness.” He married Sherry Dyson but left her after four years because of his affair with Jecuntha’s mother. He is a very consolidated person who believed in son supremacy at home.

Chris is an entrepreneur who started his career as a stockbroker. In 1987, he founded his own brokerage company named Gardner Rich & Co. He became famous after selling his share of the firm and publishing a book about his life.


Real Name: Jacintha Darlene Gardner

Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA (1985)

Father: Chris Gardner

Mother: Jackie Medina

Siblings: Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner

Grandparents: Bettye Jean Triplett, Thomas Turner

Physical Appearance, Weight, And Height

She has a bulky body with a weight of 58 kg and an average height. Most fans are interested in knowing her eyes color, which is black and shiny.  She doesn’t use any hair-dying products, so she has black hair.

Jacintha Darlene Gardner Personal Life

Jacintha Darlene Gardner Personal Life

Jacintha is an intelligent girl who likes to spend time with her family. She reads books and watches movies. Her favorite hobby is playing video games. Father takes exceptional care of his daughter and doesn’t allow her to come on media and show her personal life. So, there is limited information about personal life and routine.

She loves to read books and novels. That is why she spends a few hours digesting good pieces of writing. Chris’s daughter owns her father’s wealth and has no personal income course.

Early Life & Education

There is restricted information about her personal life, and her family tries to hide all the details about her early life and education. But one thing is that she spends most of her productive time with family and friends.

Reasons For Fame

Reasons For Fame

Nothing is known special about Jacintha Darlene, except she is the daughter of Chris Gardner’s celebrity. Jacintha Darlene Gardner has nothing special but getting fame in recent updates. She has not received significant awards and achievements which need to be highlighted. But maybe she appears on the mainstream media screen.

Social Media Accounts

Jacintha doesn’t have a solid social media presence as she wants to keep her life secret, so she has no presence on Twitter or Instagram accounts. Some websites are reporting an Instagram account that is private, but it’s not confirmed she owns it.

Relationship Status

Many celebrities are in relationships and are always in the limelight. But she lives a restricted life and spends most time at home. She doesn’t have such an affair yet.

Interesting Facts

  • Jacintha is the daughter of a famous businessman. Her parents are very proud of her. She was born in California, and she grew up there. Most wealthy people have children who inherit their money. But Jacintha’s life has been way more exciting than this. She had a remarkable life adventure and adjusted herself back on the right path.
  • She spends her time with friends and family. So, Jacintha has a private life, and probably they don’t want to disclose anything personally.
  • Jacintha Darlene is the only daughter of her father and has a brother named Christopher Jarrett Medina.
  • Her father is a well-known entrepreneur and businessman with a net worth of $70 million. So, she doesn’t have any income source and enjoys life with her father.
  • She has an elegant personality having the age of 36. Jacintha Darlene Gardner has only a brother whom she loves.

Jacintha Darlene is the daughter of Chris and Jackie. Chris and Sherry married in 1977. Chris cheated on Sherry with Jackie. Jackie got pregnant after some time in the relationship. Chris planned to leave his first wife and marry Jackie.

Jacintha Darlene Gardner has his father’s net worth, who is a prominent businessman and author. She owns all the assets her father owns. Her physical appearance and beautiful figure show her personality. Darlene has black hair and bulging eyes, which reflects her personality and helps her to stand out as unique in his family.

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