Jewelry Essentials for Every Mom in 2020

Jewelry Essentials for Every Mom in 2020
Jewelry Essentials for Every Mom in 2020

When you hear about mom jewelry, your mind may instantly go to painted pasta necklaces, “No1 mom” pedants and similar pieces. And let’s be honest, even though receiving such “jewelry” is certainly heart-warming, moms are usually not so stoked about actually wearing them. Don’t get us wrong – those who are – all props to them! However, those who think those pieces are their only choice are certainly in for a treat.

Even as a mom, there are still stylish jewelry pieces that you deserve to have. Coming into motherhood doesn’t mean that you should start to fail and sacrifice on the style department. Most notably, there are jewelry pieces that are identified as classics. Not only are these nice to have, but they serve as pieces for you to keep as an heirloom. Focusing on the essentials and the classics enables you to stay on the safe side with mixing and matching pieces, particularly when you just don’t have the time to follow through with trends.


Before you head out shopping, read through this article first. Here, we’ll be discussing some jewelry essentials every mom should own and rock! Check them out.

Cocktail ring

A cocktail ring is a jewelry piece every woman should have in her jewelry box. They are an excellent means for adding some dimension and depth to your look, especially if the occasion calls for it. By definition, a cocktail ring is a ring that stands out in its design, volume, color and style. That being said, it doesn’t need to be too flashy or over the top. It just needs to be enough attention-grabbing to work as a statement piece. A ring featuring a precious or a gemstone is always a good idea. For more ideas and different styles, check here – To make it more special, you can also choose to buy a cocktail ring that has your birthstone as the gem. Check out this amethyst meaning, if this happens to be your stone of choice.

A very important piece of advice for you to remember, however, is that you should make sure that your chosen cocktail ring doesn’t clash with your wedding ring. At the very least, make the tone or hue of the metal, the gemstone, and even the style complement with each other.

Cocktail ring

Short necklace with pendant

A short necklace with a dainty pendant is always a great addition to any mom’s jewelry box. The best part about owning such a piece is that you can wear it every single day, no matter if you’re getting dressed up or not. When choosing such a piece, it’s best to stick to either plain gold or silver as they are the most versatile and can easily be combined with any outfit choice.

Additionally, such a piece usually has a huge emotional value, especially if it was gifted to you by your family members. Alternatively, you can choose a pendant that bears a special meaning to you and make it all the more unique.

Stud earrings

When jewelry is concerned, less can really be more, especially if we’re talking about earrings. A nice pair of stud earrings will seemingly never go out of style. These can easily be worn every single day to any occasion and they pair perfectly with any other piece of jewelry. For some additional oomph, choose a pair that features cubic zirconia or any other semi-precious stone. While diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, no active mom would feel super comfortable wearing real diamonds every day.

Cuff bracelet

Moreover, cuff bracelets are another jewelry type that can easily elevate any look. Does your outfit look too plain without any jewelry but a necklace would only clash with it? Slap on a cuff bracelet and enjoy all the difference it has made.

Cuff bracelet

These jewelry pieces can elevate even the simplest jeans-t-shirt-cardigan outfits without looking like you’ve tried too hard. That’s what truly makes cuff bracelets a staple and that’s why every mom should have at least one. Again, choosing plain gold or silver is the best idea, for all the same reasons we’ve mentioned earlier. 

Long necklace

Finally, a long necklace is an excellent piece for any occasion where a short necklace simply wouldn’t do the trick. The versatility of such a piece makes it a perfect choice for any mom out there. A long necklace can complete any look, from a fancy dress and some nice pumps, to simple jeans and your favorite turtleneck. It can be worn hanging loosely or you can choose to wrap it around your neck a couple of times.

You can wear such a piece when grabbing a cup of coffee with your best friend and not end up looking overly dressed up. Alternatively, you can also wear it to a dinner party and end up looking like you’ve tried harder than you actually did. 

A great thing about long necklaces is that it can also serve as the focal point of your outfit. So, if you can only focus on one area of your entire look to give attention to, a long necklace is a great option. There are also so many different styles for you to choose from, usually depending on your preference. If you’re the adventurous type, you can play around and mix-and-match, too.

Final Word

These were the staple jewelry pieces every mom should have in her jewelry box. So, if you don’t already have all of them, it’s time to whip out your credit card and go shopping! After all that hard work that you’ve put in, to raise your children and the entire family, you deserve to give yourself that treat. Especially when you’re feeling low and sad, a little retail therapy won’t hurt. Plus, pieces of jewelry are also nice to make an outfit look better, especially when you just don’t have enough time to plan a super stylish outfit.

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