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Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Exercise, Before & After

kathryn dennis weight loss

If you keep yourself updated with celebrity news, we’re sure you must have heard about the celebrity Kathryn Dennis and her weight loss journey. As of the latest news, Kathryn Dennis, the famous Southern star, has lost much weight, changing her appearance for the better. Her weight loss had stunned the fans, who were in awe, storming her with compliments and good comments. Now, the fans are interested in knowing about  Kathryn Dennis workout routine and journey. If you are here to know about the details, you’re at the right place. Let’s get to know more about her weight loss journey.

Kathryn Dennis Biography and Education

NameKathryn Dennis
Full NameKathryn Calhoun Dennis
FatherLuke Dennis
MotherAllison Dennis.
BirthPlaceCharleston, South Carolina
Date of BirthAugust 6, 1991 (Tuesday)
Age31 years old
Height5 feet 10inches
Weight68 Kg
Eye ColorGrey
Hair colorBlonde
Marital StatusSingle
Home TownUSA
Zodiac SignLeo
Sexual OrientationStraight
SchoolBerkeley High School
UniversityUniversity of South Carolina-Columbia
EducationGraduate in Journalism
ShowsReality TV Star
Source of IncomeModeling
Net Worth$8m USD
ChildrenKensington Calhoun Ravenel (Daughter)
St. Julien Rembert Ravenel (Son)

Born on 6th August 1991, Kathryn Dennis is a well-known, popular American TV personality, popular for her appearance in many reality shows like Southern Charm. Other than this, she also gained fame because of her relationships with politicians and Thomas Ravenel, the former state treasurer. Kathryn Dennis age parents? Kathryn Dennis’s mother is Allison Calhoun Dennis who died from her sickness on the 7th of August in 2019. Luke Dennis is her father, a music composer and editor who composed much music for several TV shows and movies.

Kathyrn  Dennis graduated in 2009 from Berkely High School, after which she pursued studies further at the University of South Carolina in Visual communication and journalism. During her college days, she actively participated in volunteer work and worked with several political campaigns too. At the University of South Carolina, she also served as a creative director and recruitment chairperson.

Kathryn Dennis Boyfriend or Marriage

As of now, Kathryn is single, but she had dated Chleb Ravenell earlier. Their relationship had been official as October 2020, but the rumors were widespread for quite a while. They then bought a house in Souther Carolina together in 2021, reaching a new high. Nevertheless, their relationship didn’t last long and they parted ways before marriage. She had two children with him before separating. However, in the recent news, she had been seen with another person after her breakup with Chleb Ravenell.

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss Journey kathryn dennis weight loss

While many of Kathryn’s fans worried about her health because of the weight she lost, others expressed happiness and joy, appreciating her for her efforts. Her weight loss efforts paid off. She did a wonderful job staying with her diet and exercise plan. Here’s more about her weight loss journey.

Kathryn Dennis Diet for Weight Loss

Kathryn’s diet plan for weight loss was about cutting all the unhealthy food from the diet. She avoided taking foods containing fat, especially processed foods. Further, she cut down her alcohol consumption and all drinks high in sugar. She replaced all these unhealthy foods with vegetables, fruits, and food prepared at home. Instead of taking soft drinks and alcohol, she switched to healthier alternatives like smoothies and green teas.

Other than managing her appearance and health, she also focused on her children’s eating habits.

Kathryn Dennis Workout Kathryn Dennis Workout

Kathryn Dennis’s workout plan was to visit the gym. She visited the gym thrice a week. She also made the daily walk a part of her schedule along with yoga classes. With these combined efforts, her look and health changed drastically. Her fans appreciate her efforts.

Before and After Looks/Height and Weight

Earlier on, Kathryn weighed about 150 pounds, and her weight loss journey helped her lose a lot of weight. Currently, her weight is around 120 to 130 pounds. This is surely a huge difference, and we need to appreciate her for all her efforts. Kathryn is 5ft and 9 inches tall.

Fan’s Comments and Reactions about Kathryn Dennis Weight and Appearancekathryn dennis Appearance

While some of her fans express concerns over her health, others have expressed joy and happiness in her transformation. Many fans have congratulated her on losing as much as 25 pounds at such a young age. For the most part, fans are happy with her weight loss and appreciate her efforts.

Did Kathryn Dennis Use Drug Supplements to Lose Weight?

In her time of intense fame and popularity, many fans had questioned whether Kathryn had used drugs to lose weight. This, rumor, however, wasn’t true because it hadn’t been verified. There has been no evidence to support that Kathryn had used drugs. In recent days, however, she clarified that there were no drugs involved in her weight loss journey.

Did Kathryn Get a Plastic Surgery for Weight Loss?

Some fans have their doubts that Kathryn Dennis plastic surgery was the reason behind her weight loss. As per the reports of Bravo TV, she had undergone stomach and face transformations in 2020. Many suspects that she used a method called Coolsculpting as a method to aid her weight loss. Yet, this wasn’t the first time she had used these methods. Earlier, she turned to surgery for her forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and lips as well.

Kathryn Dennis Net WorthKathryn Dennis Net Worth

Kathryn Dennis, the popular TV star is known to charge a lot for her shows. The star faced some financial issues in the journey as well after splitting up with Thomas Ravenel. But she was able to go ahead and make herself stable with a good income. Currently, her net worth is estimated to be around USD 8 million. Kathryn Dennis Instagram has had 944K followers since she started her account in 2012.


Above, we have had a look into Kathryn Dennis life events and her weight loss journey. We can truly say that her journey is very interesting and inspiring. The more flexible you can be, the better the results. Looking at her journey, fans are pretty inspired that weight loss isn’t as impossible as it seems. Just a little change in habits, a good workout and diet plan and you can lose weight just like Kathryn Dennis. Her journey leaves us an important lesson; if she can do it, you can do it too. Just with a little effort and consistency, nothing is impossible!

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