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Liposuction for teens and adults: What to expect?

women and men treating areas for liposuction

Who likes that excess fat on their bodies? Individuals from all over the world are suffering from obesity and generally the fat builds up on their abdomen, flanks, and thighs. Reducing those chunks can be a lengthy process and there are times when diet and exercise are just not enough to get you over the line. Getting a pleasing body and proper shape can become hard and individuals tend to look forward to processes such as liposuction.

Liposuction is a surgical process to target certain body part and remove excess fat from those areas. It is often used in combination with other plastic surgery methods to help an individual in cutting the fat and making body appear better. It is aimed at people who want to refine the contours.

Liposuction and teens

There are cases in which individuals that were around 12 years old went through the liposuction. It’s surprising and rare but doctors will thoroughly check the status of patient before proceeding with such surgery. They would consult the individual in question and take a look at his self esteem and emotional stability before proceeding. For teens, it usually occur when the person has gone through serious weight loss and are left with a couple of bulges of fat. There are instances when the fat is a reason for a kid due to which he might suffer from embarrassment and ridicule. So, it all has to be kept in mind.

Liposuction for adults

There is no age restriction for adults when it comes to liposuction. But bear in mind that there are risks associated with it. So, it is necessary for an individual to be healthy if he is looking to go through the surgery process without much trouble. Some medical conditions and certain people with special health are prohibited from going through such surgical changes. So, let the doctor know all about your health so that he can let you know what will be appropriate for you.

Expectations from liposuction

Let’s keep it real and say that liposuction is not a weight loss process. It won’t help you in getting rid of stretch marks and cellulite from your body. However, what it can do best is to remove the chunks of fat from certain area of your body. Usually, no more than 10 pounds of fat is removed from the body of an individual.

Who should not go for liposuction?

There is a particular set of people that should look forward to avoid or at least postpone the thoughts of liposuction. These include the ladies that are either pregnant or nursing. These females are usually kept away from tough cosmetic procedures during this period.

Also, people who have problems with healing due to certain health condition should also avoid this process.

Moreover, certain individuals are on blood thinning medications. There should be a certain gap between you leaving such medication and going for surgery (which is usually up to several weeks). Lidocaine is used in the process so anyone who is allergic to it should avoid liposuction.

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