Liposuction: Things You Need to Know


In this current time, certain things have materialized to such a level that people have forgotten the real deal, Be it relationships, friendships, or your own body. The material world can often be intimidating.

When you open any social media platform, you might find people getting trolled for how they look getting trolled for having a belly, having acne, or, if nothing else, getting trolled for being yourself.

Beauty is now a social construct of someone not being themselves but flawless. Every makeup video includes a person hiding their flaws instead of embracing them. They should be proud of who they are and the way they are.

Have you ever been in a group of people and agreed not to like something just to fit in, to be accepted? You follow the crowd because you are too afraid to be yourself no matter whether it’s going in the wrong direction. Society has been divided into these love-hate groups for various things. But the one group that has a very judgy audience has been body shape.

Liposuction is one of the many cosmetic procedures used today to remove excess body fat and improve the overall figure. While the procedure is most commonly performed for thighs, hips, belly, back, buttocks, arm, and double chin liposuction, it is also used for other surgeries like tummy tucks, facelifts, and breast reduction.

My Body, My ChoiceA girl holding a banner

Well, this world hasn’t left much of a choice for you to decide for yourself regarding your own body. Whether you are skinny, pear-shaped, or have any kind of body shape, people will troll you no matter what. You post a dance video of yours and see comments from people telling you how you look or how you should’ve looked. During this chaos and hatred, it’s hard to keep yourself composed and stay on the journey of self-love.

You need to realize that it’s your body at the end of the day. You don’t have to change it just because of someone else. Change it because you want to. Change it because you have decided to be a better and healthier version of yourself, not because someone told you that you’d look better from their point of view.

Have faith in yourself. Love yourself. Realize that your body has protected you and stayed with you over the years. You owe it some love and care. However, if you are interested in getting liposuction to look what you want, there are many available services for liposuction. Before getting into a procedure, read this article to know more about it.

Different Liposuction TypesLiposuction Types

There are several liposuction processes, but the similarity is that all procedures use a cannula, a sterilized tube that leads to a vacuum that sucks your body fat. Here are the different types of liposuction.

1. Tumescent Liposuction Tumescent Liposuction

People often prefer this liposuction method; during the procedure, the surgeon injects a solution into the body after lining the targeted area to melt fat. Epinephrine, salt water, and lidocaine are solution ingredients, and they make fat suction easy with less pain and blood loss.

2. SmartLipo SmartLipo

This process is unique and intelligent, using a laser to create an energy burst that is then used to liquefy fat so it can be sucked out.

3. UAL, or Ultra-sound LiposuctionUltraSound Liposuction

This procedure uses sound wave technology. The energy from these sound waves travels under the skin to rupture and break the fat cell walls. In this way, the fat is liquefied, so it can easily be sucked out.

Liposuction: Can I Be a Candidate?

Before deciding to get liposuction, you need to know everything about the procedure, including the risks involved. First, thigh liposuction won’t work to reduce cellulite, so if you have those expectations, just drop them. Since there is risk involved, you need to be completely healthy to be a candidate for the procedure. This means you must:

  1. Fall within the 30% of ideal body weight
  2. Have elastic and firm skin
  3. Not be a smoker

If you have any issues regarding blood flow, diabetes, heart disease, or a weak immune system, doctors advise against this procedure.

What Do I Need to Know?Liposuction procedure

Before starting anything, it’s necessary to consult the surgeon. Ask all your relevant questions regarding your health goals, advantages, risks, costs, and options. Looking at liposuction before and after results of people who have done this procedure will help you make a decision.

After this, if you choose liposuction as the most suitable option, your surgeon will help you prepare for the procedure. This may include alcohol or diet restrictions.

If you suffer from allergies or are taking any medications, you must tell your surgeon. They may stop you from taking such medicines weeks before your scheduled surgery.

What to Expect?What to Expect

The liposuction process will be conducted at the surgery center or doctor’s office. Check the credibility and reliability of the clinic or surgeon you choose. They must have reliable services, the standards should be up to the mark, and successful results. See the surgeon or clinic’s lipo before and after results for confirmation.

Here’s what you should expect from your liposuction process.

  1. After the procedure, you can leave on the same day but don’t drive on your own. If you get the procedure done at a hospital, you may be asked to stay the night.
  2. Before starting treatment, the doctor may mark those areas of your body that the procedure will target. For comparison, the doctor may also capture before and after pictures.
  3. You will most likely be given local anesthesia that will keep you awake through the process without experiencing pain.

How Long Will Recovery Take?

While you won’t want to be at the hospital for too long, you may experience swelling, bruises, and soreness on the site for a few weeks at least. For 1 to 2 months after surgery, your surgeon may ask you to keep a compression garment on to monitor the swelling.

Moreover, the surgeon may prescribe antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. It takes a few days to resume normal activities for most people, but this can vary based on the person. Below are some questions you should ask your surgeon about the surgery process.

  1. What are the medicines I will be taking?
  2. Do I need bandages?
  3. Will I be given stitches, and for how long?
  4. When can I get back to exercising?
  5. Is a follow-up visit needed?

Liposuction: The RisksLiposuction Risks

Regardless of being a cosmetic, liposuction is still a surgery that comes with certain risks. Risks can be reduced if you get the procedure done by a trained, reliable surgeon. Here are some of the dangers of liposuction that you must consider.

  1. Anesthesia complications
  2. Bleeding
  3. Shock (from lack of fluid during the procedure)
  4. Accumulation of fluid (fluid pockets under the skin)
  5. Infections (Staph or strep)
  6. Embolism of fat (tiny fat pieces break and move in the stream of blood)
  7. Burns resulting from surgery instruments
  8. Uneven removal of fat
  9. Lidocaine reactions
  10. Numbness or skin sensation changes
  11. Blood clotting in the veins that may travel to other body parts
  12. Blood vessels, nerves, lungs, muscles, or abdominal organ damage

Will the Results be Permanent?Result of Liposuction can be permanent

Most of the results are permanent because the procedure removes the fat cells permanently. Nevertheless, new fat cells may be formed in different body parts if you gain weight. If you want to keep the results permanent, maintain a good diet after surgery, including more whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy. Also, make sure to exercise regularly.

You will see the results over time. Liposuction results week by week images will help you get a better idea and insight about this.

Can the Liposuction Process be Covered with Insurance?

Since liposuction is a cosmetic procedure, most health plans won’t cover it under insurance. You can still talk to your surgeon and insurance company to guide you about how much is liposuction. Also, talk about the case of complications and who pays in that case.


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that comes with a lot of risks. While it may help in reducing fat, it isn’t an alternative for weight loss, and not everyone can have it done either. Consider everything, including the risks, if you want to get the procedure done. Talk in detail about everything with your surgeon beforehand.

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